The 16th day of the first month, “run all kinds of diseases, sultry scold, send cattle pile” seven years of custom can not forget

Time is always in imperceptible, the passage of slowly.Blink of an eye has passed the half of the first month, the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival, the atmosphere of the year gradually light up, most of the people have begun to return to the normal work and life.Many people feel that after the fifteenth day of the first month, the year is over. In fact, after the sixteenth day in many places, it is really over the year.What are the traditional customs on the 16th day of the first lunar month?Follow xiaobian to understand it!The 16th of the first month, “16 night, fried hemp, carry a bushel, dance torch, hold people scold, send cattle stakes, old and young happy ha ha”.I believe that those who have heard this nursery rhyme are now no longer young!There is an old saying that “but the first month is the year”. When I was young, I looked forward to the Spring Festival, because we would have new clothes and good things to eat during the Spring Festival.But now?Adults probably start work early, right?The kids are starting school, aren’t they?Are you busy with your winter vacation homework?The 16th year of the first lunar month custom touch the lantern old pay attention to this year’s lanterns can not be left until next year.On the night of the 16th day of the first lunar month, children will take their lanterns and bump them against others, and then laugh and watch others’ lanterns catch fire. This is called “bumping lanterns”.However, now this year custom has rarely seen.Run the disease old, 16 this day, after breakfast, every family to the whole family out, everywhere to “run the disease”.It is said that this can leave all kinds of “pain” on the road, stay outside.Especially in the encounter of the bridge, but also to cross a bridge, the old man said that “bridge” is also called “cross”, more than a few Bridges can naturally no disease no disaster, safe and sound.To carry a bushel and a bushel is to put some quicklime in a cloth bag and tie it to one end of the beam. When a man holds the other end of the beam, he throws the gauze on the ground, leaving a white mark.The more white marks thrown out, the better the harvest this year.In rural areas, torch dancing is held every year on the evening of the 16th day of the first lunar month.The higher the torch goes, the better this year’s crop will be.After burning the torches, people go back to their homes and fry the flowers.Fried mahua means to fry corn in an iron wok with fire.Meaning “fried mouse eyes” let the mouse not open their eyes, this year is not troubled by the mouse, food harvest.In the 16th night, if the person is scolded by others, he will not be angry, but will be very happy, commonly known as “scold unlucky”.Meaning a year of bad luck are scold run.Some people, but also willfully sabotage, send door to give people scold it!In the old days, people who had daughters and no sons wanted to have another boy would invite others to give them cow stakes on the 16th day to beg for children.Sending a cow stake requires the host family to invite eight men with different surnames to attend, and one of them must be a young man.At night, after everyone had gone to bed, the eight men went to the boys’ houses to “steal cow stumps”.Stolen items can be bricks, shoes and other things, wrapped with red paper, to the youngest person to hold, said “hold the pile”.After returning to the master’s house, the young man with the stake would take the stolen goods and sleep on the master’s bed for a while. Then he would urinate on the bed and hand the stake over to the master’s house for safekeeping.Until the family had a child, the eight were to keep their mouths shut and never say anything to anyone about the stake.After the main family gave birth to a boy, they would go to the home of the person who had stolen the good news.Children also recognize each other as godfather, godmother, forming relatives.When the child is one year old, the family returns ten times what they have stolen.Conclusion the above is danian 16 general customs and habits, people mainly through this form to get a spiritual sustenance and psychological comfort.For these traditional customs, we should take the essence and discard the dregs.I wish you all a happy year of the Tiger!This is the flavor of New Year

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