The collision of art and technology, the all-new Range Rover will be appreciated in Beijing

The all-new Range Rover Range Rover Is unveiled at Temple East In Beijing today.The all-new Range Rover Model extended edition appeared at the tasting gathering, once again showing the profound brand heritage of Range Rover series and the brand concept of “heart without boundaries”, and also allowing all guests to appreciate the all-new Range Rover luxury and minimalist integration, the collision of art and technology.As the flagship model of Land Rover, range Rover, born in 1970, combines luxury, comfort and mobility. It is not only the pioneer of luxury SUV, but also an immortal legend that has stood out from its peers and led the industry for more than 50 years. It is also the only choice of many celebrities around the world.As Mr. Dalong Li, President of JLR China and Chery JLR Joint Marketing Sales and Service Organization, said: “For the past 50 years, Range Rover has been the leader in the automotive industry, the founder of the luxury SUV segment, and a synonym for exciting luxury and innovation.”Located in Dongcheng District of Beijing, Temple Dongjingyuan, the venue for the tasting, is renovated from an ancient Temple with a history of more than 600 years. It is adjacent to the Forbidden City and enjoys quietness in the midst of chaos.Many fashion and art parties have been held, and celebrities from all walks of life have met here for many times.Here, you can not only experience the long and brilliant ancient architectural culture and the perfect integration of modern art, but also feel the wonderful coexistence of fireworks and ancient temple zen.At the event site, the famous contemporary artists Chen Yujun and Wu Jian ‘an perfectly interpreted the iconic design concept of the new generation Range Rover and the new modern luxury by creating art masterpieces from an extraordinary perspective.Wu Jian ‘an’s digital art work “Cosmic Energy switching between Tiger and car in an instant” uses video as the media to overlap the mythological image with the core components of Land Rover, sometimes transforming into a new generation Range Rover, sometimes into a running tiger.Chen’s work “Mulan Dream Butterfly” perfectly reproduces the range Rover as a British leader brand in the form of painting over 50 years of development to luxury and simple design, to the exclusive and precise craft, to the pure and good benevolence and courage to win as a model.Meanwhile, the works of these artists will also be auctioned in Kaikai International, and the proceeds from the auction will be used for charitable causes to give back to society.The innovative spirit of the artwork is also reflected in the design philosophy of the new Range Rover.Combining classic body design with a minimalist approach, the balance of body proportions, surfaces and lines creates a new range Rover with a sense of grandeur and new-modern luxury.The light part adopts black bright surface panel, which strengthens the overall appearance with more power sense.The modern minimalist and elegant design from front to back and the three groups of lines of the iconic body embody the combination of Inheritance and innovation of Land Rover everywhere.The personalized design of the body lines and the smooth and coherent vision of the body everywhere highlight the ingenuity of Land Rover for details.Range Rover in the generation after generation of vehicle changes, has always been the same to adhere to the details.Adhere to the high integration of luxury and functionality, not only make every trip to enjoy, but also make the car into a warm family members, enjoy the slow pace of outdoor adventure mobile castle, become an indispensable part of the wild luxury life.It is the attention to detail, the selection and craftsmanship of materials, the presentation of surfaces, the understanding of refinement, and the control of quality that have made range Rover stand out in the changing times for more than 50 years.The all-new Range Rover is equipped with highly connected technology, making it a fully refreshed and upgraded flagship vehicle with both comfort and art.The new models are designed, developed and built in the UK, and in the process Land Rover has submitted up to 125 patents covering everything from groundbreaking chassis technology to advanced powertrain systems.The all-new Range Rover is based on the MLA-Flex luxury electrification architecture and is the first flagship vehicle launched under JLR’s “Reinvent the Future” strategy.Its equipped air purification system, using dual nanoeTM X technology, can effectively remove odor, bacteria, allergens, can significantly purify the air, particles can be intercepted through the filter purification, always ensure the safety of all passengers breathing.At the same time, the new model carries a new interior material more avant-garde, more ecological responsibility, more diverse selection.These include innovative leather alternatives created in collaboration with Kvadrat™, a High-end European textile manufacturer, and Ultrafabrics™ leather-like materials that are lightweight while emitting only a quarter of the carbon emissions of traditional leather.The Range Rover has always been the jewel in the Crown of the Land Rover brand, the global leader in luxury SUVs with road driving and all-terrain capabilities.It is the ultimate choice of customers with different life stages and different life experiences, and it is the perfect work that the world looks up to.The year 2022 is the Chinese Year of the Tiger and the Year of Land Rover.The all-new Range Rover is an important step in the “Reinvent the Future” strategy and the legendary Range Rover.The much-anticipated new Range Rover will continue the land Rover brand’s reputation as a model of true luxury.The event will run from April 2, 2022 to April 9, 2022

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