With Kolber, Ariat is able to upgrade the supply chain of Ariat, a famous American shoe and clothing brand

Geek+, the global LEADER in AMR, and Korber, its global strategic partner, announced that Ariat, a well-known equestrian and outdoor footwear retail brand in the United States, has become a new brand
International(Ariat) successfully deployed autonomous mobile robots to help it realize the transformation and upgrading of intelligent logistics.Ariat uses Giz Smart Picking and handling solutions to build an efficient and intelligent supply chain to meet its growing business needs.This solution improves Ariat’s operational flexibility and picking efficiency, reduces manual intensity, and provides a quick return on investment.Randy Randolph, head of Channel business development of Gizka In The Americas, is responsible for the operation of giZka robot in Ariat warehouse
“We are excited to partner with Colber on this innovative program that will enable Ariat to upgrade its supply chain intelligence,” he said.”Giza’s advanced robotics and AI technologies provide Ariat with the high efficiency, flexibility and scalability required for warehouse operations that enhance employee and customer experiences and strengthen its relationships with partners.”Matt Hardenberg, Ariat’s vice president of distribution
“Thanks to the Gizmos AMR robot, Ariat employees can be freed from repetitive tasks to engage in more rewarding work,” he said.This not only creates a superior working environment for us, but also provides customers with more valuable services.”We are very grateful to Colper for their expertise in helping to reduce labor intensity and modernize our warehouse operations.”Bill, CEO of Colber’s Supply chain software business in North America
Ryan said, “Our advanced solutions, experience and expertise are positioned to improve business performance, employee and customer experience.In today’s complex supply chains, we provide the software, robotics and consulting services needed to operate, reducing manpower requirements while simplifying internal processes.Through our end-to-end supply chain solutions, we deliver superior service to our customers and look forward to enabling more enterprises to upgrade their supply chain intelligence.”In the future, Geizhika will deepen cooperation with Kolber to protect Ariat and more enterprises, improve operational efficiency and meet consumer needs.About Ariat InternationalAriat was established in 1993
The company took its name from the famous horse race and designed to redesign the boot for equestrian riders, ranchers and workers.Ariat pursues functional innovation and accepts the toughest environmental test with excellent quality.To serve world-class athletes, Olympians and everyone else by raising standards of performance, wearability and craftsmanship.Currently, Ariat is a leading footwear and apparel supplier for equestrian sports, outdoor activities and industrial industries.Nowadays, the Supply Chain is becoming more and more complex.Kolber exclusively offers a range of proven end-to-end supply chain solutions to meet any business size, strategy or growth needs.In addition to software, Colber provides automation equipment, voice-activated equipment, robotics and material handling equipment, as well as the expertise and technology to integrate these into an integrated solution.In addition to our current services, Colber is able to work with enterprises to address the complexity of supply chains as their needs evolve.Kolber supply chain business area belongs to kolber international technology group.Geek+ as a global LEADER in AMR, Geek+ provides a full range of logistics robot product lines and solutions, enabling enterprises to achieve intelligent logistics upgrade.According to Interact
According to Analysis’s market research report, Gizmo has ranked first in the global AMR market share for three consecutive years.At present, the extremely ZhiJia has over 30 international global sales, operations and service ability, in the service of Nike, wal-mart, Toyota, over 500 major clients such as Siemens, BMW, including over 40 world top 500 enterprises, the project covers electricity, retail, shoes, clothing, medicine, 3 pl, new energy, automotive, 3 c industries, commercial floor scale leading industry.

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