Across more than 5,100 kilometers of long-distance confession, the 14th 0 o ‘clock fierce order……This valentine’s Day, young people love meituan flash shopping

On Feb 14, Meituan flash shopping revealed the consumption of instant love on This year’s Valentine’s Day.Among them, flowers are still the most popular choice for gifts. As of noon on the same day, the number of flower orders has increased nearly 3 times compared with last year. Urumqi’s flower orders have increased more than 13 times compared with last year, and the growth rate is the first in the country.Also on Valentine’s Day, the order volume of digital products, beauty makeup and other goods with gift attributes also increased rapidly during Valentine’s Day. The order volume of digital products increased nearly 6 times and beauty makeup increased nearly 2 times compared with last year.Orders for flowers, which are the most popular choice for valentine’s Day gifts and demand for “instant delivery”, have increased by nearly three times year-on-year as of Noon on Feb 14, said an official with Meituan Flash shopping.Midnight has become the peak season for flower orders on Valentine’s Day this year, with many users already arranging gifts to express their love.Another person plans to propose on Valentine’s Day, ordering 999 red roses worth 10,000 yuan and instructing the boss, “Please wrap the flowers for the proposal well. The flowers also need to be unwrapped and distributed to friends and relatives. Don’t cut the branches too short.””I used to buy all kinds of daily necessities on Meituan flash shopping, which felt very convenient, so I plan to order a bunch of roses on Meituan flash shopping this Valentine’s Day, and send them directly to the restaurant to surprise my girlfriend when eating.”Mr. Li, who is planning to spend Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend tonight, said that this year is his first Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend, so he prepared more carefully.It is understood that this year meituan flash purchase Valentine’s Day flower orders ranked in the top ten cities for Chengdu, Shenzhen, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing, Changsha, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, red rose, pink rose, crushed ice blue, sunflower, sky stars and so on is the most popular commodities during valentine’s Day.”Happy Valentine’s Day. Although I can’t be with you, I want the rose to send my heart to tell you that I miss you all the time.”This is the furthest gesture meituan has made during this year’s Valentine’s Day — commented a user in Shanghai who sent 19 red roses to his lover in Shule County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, a distance of more than 5,100 kilometers.Flash purchase has become a new way to express your love for valentine’s Day orders from other places.”Although we couldn’t spend valentine’s Day together this time, we still sent our hearts to each other on Valentine’s Day on time by ordering online and delivering the goods within 30 minutes at the earliest. My boyfriend gave me flowers and lipstick, and I bought him a Xiaomi sports bracelet.””Said Ms. Chen, who is separated from her boyfriend on a business trip.During the festival, the advantage of instant retail “online order, the fastest delivery in 30 minutes” is more prominent, especially the advantage of Meituan flash shopping covers 2,800 urban and county flags nationwide, so that consumers can send a gift to their loved ones anytime and anywhere, no matter where they are, and the increase of orders in small cities is much more than that in large cities.”Qinggang County in Heilongjiang Province, Lahu, Wa, Bulang and Dai Autonomous County in Shuangjiang, Yunnan Province, and Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region saw their orders increase nearly 20 times year on year, ranking the top three in China.”Meituan flash purchase related person in charge.Valentine’s day confession to aging more diverse Beauty makeup box, mobile phone into a love heart “dark horse” in addition to express surprise, gift “practicality” is becoming more and more valued, on the flower category, can be preserved for a long time the rose of potted plants, bouquets of teddy bear, can eat cherries flowers are popular in the flash purchase Meituan, “in addition to send roses to his girlfriend,I also bought a potted rose plant to keep for a long time and hope our love lasts for a long time.””Said Mr. Wang from Beijing.According to Meituan flash purchase, the order volume of digital products during valentine’s Day this year increased by nearly six times compared with last year, and the order volume of beauty cosmetics increased by nearly two times compared with last year.Apple and Xiaomi are the most popular digital brands. IPhone 13 Pro, Xiaomi Bluetooth headset and Xiaomi smart bracelet are the most popular among consumers.In the beauty makeup category, Dior bright blue gold lipstick lipstick 999, YSL lipstick perfume gift box, Perfect Diary Small and lipstick Leather case gift box Eternal Life Flower pet limited edition, Armani red tube lipstick velvet matte lip glaze 405, Tiffany lady perfume and other products become the most popular beauty makeup brands and products during valentine’s Day.From the geographical point of view, hefei, Wuhu, Yinchuan, Meishan, Ningbo and other cities saw the fastest growth in beauty products orders during valentine’s Day. Besides “Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen”, consumers in Chengdu, Jinan and Sanya also preferred digital products.”The more dates such as Valentine’s Day, the greater the need to give gifts as soon as possible.”The person in charge of Meituan flash purchase said that in the future, it will cooperate with more brands and business partners to jointly provide users with better and faster instant shopping experience.[Editor: Chen Xiangyun][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]

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