Excellent!These people in Luyang were selected as excellent sanitation workers in Anhui Province

Recently, the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions issued the “Notice on carrying out the” Anhui Province Excellent Sanitation Workers “and” Anhui Province Excellent Sanitation Enterprises “tree selection activities (Jianhui Letter (2021) No. 877), jointly carry out” Anhui Province excellent Sanitation workers “and” Anhui Province excellent Sanitation enterprises “tree selection activities,A total of 12 “Excellent Sanitation enterprises in Anhui Province” and 173 “Excellent Sanitation workers in Anhui Province” were praised in the circular.Zhang Yingcui, Liu Xueyi and Yang Qingfeng were selected as excellent sanitation workers in Anhui Province.List of Excellent Sanitation Workers in Anhui Province Zhang Yingcui Zhang Yingcui has been engaged in sanitation work for more than 30 years since February 1989.She devoted her youth to the cause of sanitation.From an ordinary cleaner to the cleaning monitor to the deputy manager of the project now, no matter in which job, she always cherish the love of sanitation work heart, conscientious to do their job.In 1989, Zhang yingcui was assigned to the front-line cleaning work.At the beginning, due to the cleaning action is not skilled enough, cleaning speed is slow, she has to start 1 hour earlier than others, work more than 10 hours a day, back home two legs like lead, arm acid can not even end the bowl.Nevertheless, she got up early the next day and volunteered to help others clean up after meticulously completing her own tasks.Her hard-working and dutiful working attitude has won her trust and recognition from leaders.Now, as the deputy project manager of Luyang Branch of Changsha Yucheng Environmental Landscape Engineering Co., LTD., Zhang Yingcui knows well where the sanitation quality is prone to recurrence in every section of the project.In order to improve the quality of health, she insisted on checking every day, and control the standard of health inspection, reward and punishment clearly, maximize the enthusiasm of the operation staff.She has been awarded the honorary titles of Advanced Individual, Advanced Monitor and Outstanding Manager of Marketization Company in Luyang District Urban Management Bureau for many times.These honors are the best record of her dedication.As a party member, Liu Xueyi does an ordinary job of digging out dung.He sticks to his original aspiration on ordinary posts and practices the purpose of the Party with practical actions, which has been praised and recognized by all.It has won the “May 1 Labor Medal” of Hefei city in 2020 and the “Ten Stars of Sanitation” of Hefei City Urban Management System in the 11th year.Since 2011, the number of directly managed public toilets at Liu’s center has increased from 61 to 95, and to keep them running smoothly, he drives a manure cart between the 95 toilets every day.Which public toilet has more faults, which one can’t park well…Liu Xueyi has a “clear account”.In addition to completing the task of cleaning out the public toilets, he also led his fellow workers to help the residents of his district to clean out the sewage pipes.This work began in 2014, when Wu Baowen, liu xueyi’s predecessor and an advanced individual of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, set up a “Love Unblocked Team” to dredge water pipes for the elderly, orphans and poor groups free of charge.At that time, he was just a member of the team.Later, Wu Baowen changed his job due to health problems, and Liu Xueyi took over the baton from him and continued to pass on the volunteer service.In the past 7 years, Liu xueyi and his fellow workers have helped the masses clean out the sewage pipes and dredge the toilets for thousands of times. They have won high praise from the masses and won the title of the first demonstration site of Learning From Lei Feng in Hefei.Learn party history to inherit the spirit, do practical things for the people.Liu Xueyi will take the revolutionary ancestors as an example, continue to shine in the ordinary post, the spirit of serving others and contributing to the society to more people, with “one dirty for ten thousand clean”.Yang Qingfeng, an excellent Sanitation Worker in Anhui Province, started to work in September 2007 as a sanitation worker in Luyang District Urban Management Bureau. Now she is the sanitation monitor in Luyang District Urban Management Bureau.At work, she is always strict with herself, takes the lead to play the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, and leads the team members to complete every task with high standards. Regardless of the cold and heat, she always performs her duties on the post.Her earnest, responsible and selfless dedication spirit has been recognized and praised by everyone. From 2009 to 2012, she was awarded as “Advanced Individual” of District Urban Management Bureau for four consecutive years. She was also awarded as “Top ten Environmental Sanitation Star” of Hefei Urban Management Bureau in 2019 and “Excellent Communist Party Member” of District Urban Management Bureau in 2020.The working area Yang Qingfeng’s team is in charge of is located in the bustling city. There are many primary, middle and kindergarten schools and a large number of living communities in the area, and the traffic flow is large, which makes cleaning difficult.Yang’s team is responsible for cleaning areas and managing public toilets every day, with each person cleaning an average of 7,600 square meters.Shovel snow and deice, build civilization…Every major task, Yang Qingfeng is at the forefront of the charge.Under her leadership, the team excellently completed one task after another and became an “advanced combat team”.Yang Qingfeng as a party member, in the sanitation work for more than ten years as one day, seriously adhere to the responsibility and mission of sanitation workers, in the ordinary work silently dedication, embodies the “would rather one dirty, for ten thousand clean” sanitation workers spirit, for the entire district sanitation cause made extraordinary contributions., end, source: luyang district urban management bureau feeds: XiaoQian review | Ma Nana coordinating editor | yu was born edit | Eunice li.

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