From heaving despair to punching the air!Yan Bingtao magic comeback, angry hammer table, 3 consecutive world No. 1

Chinese snooker champion Yan Bingtao defeated Selby 5-4 at the 2022 German Masters in Germany on Sunday. Yan bingtao was 4-2 down in the final two games, and the situation was very difficult.At one point, Yan bingtao looked up to the sky in despair, and finally, he punched the table angrily in celebration.This service, Yan Bingtao once 2-4 down, facing 3 match points.Subsequently, Yan Bingtao pulled back a city.And then the eighth and ninth innings, that was amazing.In the eighth game, Yan bingtao was desperate, but he hit three incredible shots to turn the game around.In the tiebreaker, Selby was the first to get started, but he scored the blue ball and got dizzy into the red ball, giving Yan Bingtao a chance.In the end, Yan Bingtao beat Selby 5-4!In the first moments after the match, Yan wanted to release himself, but in consideration of Selby’s feelings, Yan tried to restrain himself, pounded the table angrily and was very happy.Selby, the world number one, walked off the pitch in black face.Yan then waved to the audience, who also stood up and applauded yan.What’s more, Yan Bingtao achieved 3 consecutive kills against world No.1 Selby!Yan beat Selby 4-3 in the English Open last November.Then, yan bingtao beat Selby 6-3 in the 2021 Snooker Championship.Now, Yan bingtao has won an even more exciting duel!The fans stayed up to watch the game and thought it was worth it!”To come back from 4-2 down against Selby is amazing.”Small Yan really big heart, the future has a lot to do” “race master face is black, the director has also been to the lens, have to say, Yan Bingtao also some luck, come on!”Yan bingtao is only 21 years old, the future is promising, he really has a big heart, which is far more than ding Junhui currently.As O ‘Sullivan said, if Ding had Yan bingtao’s mental qualities, he would have won at least three world titles.Unfortunately, Ding junhui’s best result at the World Snooker championships was the runner-up.

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