Li Xiaopeng blessing in disguise, the National football team into the 2026 World Cup hope to increase, FIFA timely help

After China lost 2-0 to Japan, our chances of qualifying for the World Cup were only 0.0001 percent, which is basically over.Must be in the China win all three games, and Australia all lose, but the Chinese team will win more than 10 is likely to reach the World Cup, so don’t do such a dream, don’t know how to think about such things, you can leave a message in the comments section below, we together to interact, thank you.For The Chinese team, such a moment is indeed very piercing, but we have to accept the reality, however, the Chinese team is not without good things, the next World Cup in the Probability of The Chinese team is very large.Since FIFA has already confirmed expansion for the next World Cup, Asia is almost certain to get 8.5 seats. If China does not show up in such a situation, then it will be completely disbanded.The next World Cup, will get 8.5 places in Asia, we might as well take a look at the situation, in the Chinese team in the group, we are in the fifth place, two points behind the fourth Oman team, but the Chinese team with Oman is absolutely have the strength of the first world war, Oman, after all, the overall strength is not particularly strong.In the other group, Iran ranked first, South Korea second, the United Arab Emirates third, Lebanon fourth, Iraq fifth and Syria sixth.In order to qualify for the 8.5 spots, China will have to finish at least 4th in the group of 12 to qualify directly, but if it finishes 5th as it is now, it will have to play a play-off match with the 5th place in another group.As another group of 5 is now Iraq, China can’t beat Iraq is really hard to say, in fact now lined in group a of 6 Syria, has been playing the role of China buster, until the final World Cup qualifier 40 strong matches, then the absence of the team players, the Chinese team to defeat the opponent,One revenge has been achieved.So from the current situation, the Chinese team the opportunity of the next World Cup qualifying campaign officially interpreta dream is relatively large, for Li Xiaopeng, it is a blessing in disguise, so China should seize the last three games, let the young players more, lose lose, don’t be afraid to lose more miserable, let the young players to experience in advance is the most important thing,Prepare for the next 2026 World Cup.

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