Natural selection takes place not only during evolution, but also at the cellular level within our bodies

Natural selection happens not only during evolution, but also at the cellular level inside our bodies.We get cancer when important genes that control cell growth and division are destroyed or reprogrammed, causing cells to divide uncontrollably.Just like evolution in a population, these pre-cancerous or cancerous cells, if able to evade the body’s defenses, slowly crowd out non-cancerous tissue cells.As the number of damaged cells increases, they become more likely to undergo further genetic changes, leading to the accumulation of genetic damage that can lead to more aggressive cancer cells.This system has three essential elements necessary for evolution through natural selection: fertility, the genetic system, and the ability of the genetic system to exhibit variability.Paradoxically, the very conditions that allowed human life to evolve in the first place are at the root of one of the deadliest human diseases.On a more practical level, it also means that biologists who study populations and evolution can make a significant contribution to our understanding of cancer.Evolution by natural selection can bring a high degree of complexity and a distinct purpose to life.Natural selection can do this without any manipulative intelligence, a clear end goal or drive.In this way, natural selection completely eluded Paley and his imaginary pocket watch, as well as the arguments of past and future generations about a divine creator.Evolution by natural selection explains how different life forms come into being and how they achieve their purpose.This evolution was accidental, guided by the need to produce more efficient life forms.However, evolution alone does not provide insight into how organisms actually work.To do this, we must proceed to the following two concepts.First, the chemistry of life.

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