You feel at ease during the New Year, Ezhou public security guard lights

Another year when people immersed in a reunited with his family at Chinese New Year festive atmosphere in ezhou auxiliary police public security the general people, as always hold on their jobs they use action complained of responsibility written in guard glory in that purplish blue figure lights on in the blood and loyalty weaving, happy, sweet happiness during the Spring Festival,Ezhou, public security bureau carried forward “thunder fire 2022” at the beginning of the end during the special operation, the broad masses of people auxiliary police give up holiday with their family, in their respective positions, unattended, patrol, called, ChuJing, pursuit, do a good job in risk prevention, safety and security measures to protect the stability of the Spring Festival of the implementation, with hard work and protect the peace party.In order to further strengthen social meeting control, strictly crack down on the current illegal and criminal behaviors on the street, and strive to create a safe, harmonious and stable social security environment, the public security of Ezhou has taken a variety of targeted measures to effectively strengthen social meeting patrol and prevention and control.Police investigation and judgment, precise prevention and control.Since the New Year’s Eve, ezhou public security police adhere to the principle of following the police situation, scientific distribution of police.Through in-depth research and analysis of the regularity and characteristics of street theft cases before the festival, timely adjustment of patrol time and route, increase the frequency of patrol, so as to see police in the daytime and police lights at night, squeezing the space for illegal crimes to the maximum extent, and forming a strong deterrent.Key patrol, protect safety.In four street police stations in Ezhou City, ezhou public security has 68 police officers, who are responsible for seven duties and tasks, including patrol prevention and control, card checking, emergency containment, receiving and dealing with police situation, traffic management, convenience service and rule of law publicity.Truly realize the police situation of the road “in all directions”, patrol prevention and control of the point “in all directions”, for the people to accompany the “four eight section”, anti-fraud publicity of the law “four road bearing wind”, social security and order “four seas upgrade”;Through the combination of mobile patrol and undercover squatting, the patrol and inspection density of shopping malls, supermarkets, squares and other areas where theft cases are common will be increased, and the rate of police and the rate of charge will be increased to effectively improve the sense of security and happiness of the people.Emergency guard, quick disposal.Ezhou public security strengthened 24-hour on-duty readiness, strictly implemented the “1, 3, 5 minutes” rapid response mechanism, to ensure that emergencies can be quickly and effectively dealt with.At the same time, we will strengthen the training of readiness, physical strength, combat skills and emergency response, so as to constantly improve the comprehensive ability and quality of the police and make every effort to maintain the stability of social security.A lost child, a lost property…Behind every rescue, there is a heartwarming story.Since the Spring Festival, the ezhou public security officers have taken the oath of police service with their actions and interpreted the mission of loyalty with their responsibilities. At critical moments, they have guarded every person in need of help and saved 44 people in total.Return the lost backpack to its owner help people recover their lost social security cards help injured children help lost elderly people ease congestion ensure smooth travel guide people to travel safely improve the emergency response mechanism.Since the Spring Festival holiday, the frequent occurrence of rain and snow weather, seriously affecting vehicle passage, Ezhou public security traffic management department launched the “Severe Weather Traffic Management Emergency Plan”, police on duty at important intersections and main roads, solid road traffic safety management work, actively prevent road traffic accidents.Strengthen command and guidance.During the Spring Festival, the street traffic flow, the flow of people increased significantly, the public security traffic management department in view of this situation, increase police input, arrange police command and dredging, to ensure smooth and orderly traffic.Check traffic safety hazards.Traffic police departments carry out traffic safety inspections, check all kinds of traffic safety risks, and issue traffic safety posters to enhance the safety awareness of the public and ensure that all safety precautions during the Spring Festival travel rush are implemented.Strictly check traffic violations.We will strictly control key vehicles such as “two passengers, one dangerous vehicle, one cargo and one side”, strictly check serious illegal activities such as “three overruns and one fatigue”, and prevent major traffic accidents and large-scale and long-term traffic jams.Since the Spring Festival, a total of 112 cases of drunk driving, drunk driving and driving without a license have been severely investigated.Strengthen public security and focus on resolving conflicts and disputes.Since the Spring Festival, the public security of Ezhou has adhered to the “three routine” system of routine inspection, routine visit and routine study and judgment of conflicts and disputes, and promptly investigated and resolved 175 cases of various conflicts and disputes.Epidemic prevention and elimination of hidden dangers.The hotel has fully implemented the real-name check-in requirements of “one person, one card and one person’s own card”, as well as measures such as wearing masks, taking temperature, checking health codes and travel codes, ventilation and disinfection in hotel premises, so as to ensure both epidemic prevention and control and safety management, and maintain absolute safety.Jurisdiction peg farmers’ markets, residential community, enterprises, KTV and other places, daily inspection, special inspection, joint inspection, mistake screening, such as “look back” form, key to see whether the place fire control facilities equipment intact, effective evacuation passageway and safety exit are unblocked and daily management system, fire prevention inspections are sound and implement.Since the Spring Festival, a total of 32 residential communities, 211 nine small places, 312 stores along the street have been inspected, 53 problems have been found and 43 rectified.Strengthen publicity and guidance.Each police station closely combined with the actual area, united village cadres into the community streets, and the masses face to face publicity of fire laws and regulations, a total of 17 fire publicity activities, issued more than 1700 copies of information.At the same time, combined with real cases, teach the masses how to use fire extinguishers, how to deal with fire from different reasons and other small knowledge, and constantly improve the awareness of fire laws and regulations, fire safety awareness rate and fire self-prevention and self-rescue ability of the area, to achieve good fire publicity effect.Ezhou public security closely combined with the characteristics of the festival, focusing on key areas, key industries, severely crack down on drugs, gambling, pornography, robbery and fraud and other prominent crimes.In particular, the network fraud cases during the Spring Festival may tend to be high, predict the possible fraud means in advance, combine with community visits, Spring Festival condolence and other activities, carry out accurate publicity, effectively improve the public awareness of prevention, curb the high incidence of fraud cases.Ezhou public security anti-fraud center to do a good job of early warning interception, emergency stop payment and other work, minimize the loss of the masses.The majority of criminal investigation police stick to the front line of fighting crime, fighting in the scene investigation, investigation arrest, interrogation and handling cases, road anti-scraping and other posts.Since the Spring Festival, 52 suspects have been arrested and 43 cases solved.Public security department accepts gambling yellow case altogether 11, punish 18 people.When the happy laughter is filled with a touch of Tibetan blue around always stick to the post, fearless forward to protect peace has been on the road to wish you a happy New Year

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