2.0T power +8AT, Volvo S60, handling better than BBA!

When it comes to the handling performance of first-tier brands, you must say THAT BMW, in fact, Volvo S60, in addition to safety, handling is not bad, let’s take a look.Volvo S60 adopts the side design, which lengthens the visual effect of the car to a certain extent. The visual effect is acceptable. The dimensions are 4761mm long, 1850mm wide and 1437mm high, and the wheelbase length is 2872mm.On the front, the design shows more edges and angles, and the visual impact is stronger.Concave straight waterfall type intake grille with suspended LOGO is quite a sense of belt, coupled with the eight-figure front bumper, sports atmosphere.Caboose, overall design or consistent Nordic style.The taillight uses the full LED light source, the styling is also the family design, “Viking Tomahawk” taillight visual eye-catching.Headlights, full LED light source “Thor’s Hammer” headlights, side fog lamp areas added chrome trim.It’s very beautiful. It’s very light.Tires, 20-inch Pirelli P ZERO tires, flat ratio is only 35, very flat, with bright black two-color wheel, the visual effect is very outstanding.Interior, vertical screen and vertical waterfall type air conditioning air outlet, so that the central control area appears full.The interior is made of environmentally friendly materials and CLEANZONE┬« cockpit technology for cleaner air.The central control panel is wrapped with soft material of imitation leather fabric, and has been treated with environmental protection.The new S60 is equipped with a Harman Kardon high-end theatre sound system consisting of 14 professional speakers using Dirac Unison active acoustic processing technology.The steering wheel, leather multi – function steering wheel and dual – ring instrument panel look very simple.Three spoke design, full grip.The seats, all leather seats, are perfectly stitched, full of subtlety.Equipped with auxiliary seat electric adjustment, seat belt memory electric adjustment and other functions, ride up very comfortable.Trunk: Volvo S60 ranks 14th in trunk volume among other cars at the same price.The space performance is limited by the model positioning, the performance is fair, smoothness is no problem, but the total space is average.Power. The new S60 is fully equipped with a 48V hybrid system, a 20T turbocharged engine and an 8-speed automatic transmission.In the combination of 2.0t +48V, Volvo S60 is very quiet and light at the start. Secondly, the vehicle can get the support of light mixing at the start, and the power is also improved. The texture is very good at the start and even at low speed.Suspension, equipped with a double fork arm front suspension and multi-link type after the independent suspension, this suspension adjustment style is very strong, and the support is very sufficient, after some big speed bumps, and even can feel stiff feeling, and these adjustment undoubtedly in the symbol of “movement” two words, such setting in the same level among true rare.Theory of summary, luxury, Volvo S60 may not have mercedes-benz luxury, theory of manipulation, Volvo S60 may not BMW silky, however, Volvo S60 is more like a gentleman oren, bones reveal elegant and unique temperament, let every elite neither do drive in the city, or indulge striding into the new environment, can be easy,Show your unique charm.

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