Longlin County, Guangxi reported that 2 people who were tested positive for nucleic acid were returning family members from Debao County

On February 5, Longlin County of Guangxi reported that two people who tested positive for nucleic acid were visiting relatives in Debao County.The details are as follows: At 17:00 on February 5, two people visiting relatives from Debao County to Longlin County showed positive nucleic acid initial screening.According to preliminary information, xu and his wife Yang arrived in Longlin at 15:00 on February 4 and took nucleic acid samples in Longlin County People’s Hospital at 11:30 on February 5. The nucleic acid results were positive in the preliminary screening at 17:00 on February 5 (the double sampling and double testing are under review, and the results are to be determined).At present, Longlin County has launched an emergency response and immediately adopted relevant measures, including rapid epidemiological investigation and nucleic acid testing, and quarantining the county People’s Hospital and Nanshuitun and Bansangtun in Minxin Village of Pingban Town where the initial positive cases were detected.Residents and friends who may have contact with Xu and Yang at the above time and place should immediately report to the CDC of the administrative village (community) or autonomous county, and cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work strictly in accordance with relevant requirements.Those who conceal the facts will be held accountable according to law.Please stay at home as far as possible, do not gather and walk less.Pay attention to official information, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, do not fabricate rumors.Longlin Autonomous County Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Office, Tel: 0776-8201092.Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Longlin Nationalities Autonomous County, Tel: 0776-8202149.(Media reporter Fu Qien Li Fuyuan)

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