What’s so special about curling’s “boots”?

The 24th Winter Olympic Games kicked off in Beijing on February 4, 2022.The Sports department of Chinanews.com has launched a series of columns called “100 Questions of the Winter Olympics”, aiming to popularize knowledge of the Winter Olympics, answer hot questions, share interesting snow and ice stories, and help people have a better watching experience during the Beijing Winter Olympics.101 the games best q | curling athletes “war boots,” what’s so special about?First of all, please guess which pair of shoes is more expensive?Hint: One of them is a professional curling shoe!We’ll find out later.What’s the difference between curling shoes and regular leather shoes?The surface of a curling shoe looks like an ordinary leather shoe, but the sole of the shoe has a lot of knowledge.A skateboard made of plastic is hidden in the sole of the left curling shoe so that it can slide on the ice with little friction.The sole of the right curling shoe is padded with a non-slip mat made of rubber, which has greater friction on the ice.The curling shoe acts as an emergency brake on the ice as the athlete brakes.Curling is a sport with high barriers to entry and long hours of practice are required for seemingly simple movements on the ice.Ling Zhi of China competes in Beijing, Feb 5, 2018.The curling mixed doubles round-robin competition at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games continued on Wednesday with China losing 7-5 to the United States at the Iccube national Aquatics Center in Beijing.Friends who experience curling for the first time may encounter some “small difficulties” when controlling curling shoes, such as: Difficulty one: it takes some time to get used to walking upright on ice to ensure the balance of the body in the sliding process;Difficulty two: in the process of sliding, you need to use curling wipe, even if you have played many times, it is possible to accidentally fall down when rubbing the ice;Difficulty 3: After standing on the ice for a period of time, the experiencer may confuse the functions of the left and right curling shoes and stagnate on the ice.Difficult point four: beginners throw a pot even with the aid of balance, it is difficult to make their own complete throwing action……Back to the original question, which pair of shoes is more expensive?Mystery solved — on the left are professional curling shoes that Chinese curler Ling Zhi wore at the Beijing Winter Olympics.The general price of curling shoes in a pair of hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.Did you get it right?

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