Winter Olympics notes: The future of ice and snow sports in Guangxi is promising

These days are mostly in the outdoor watching games, the cold is unbearable, or to the capital stadium to watch a relaxed game.Ice dancing (ice dancing) is usually held in the capital Gymnasium in the morning.Ice dance is the most artistic figure skating event, from music, costumes to choreography, art permeates the whole competition process.Some people say that the costumes of the ice dance are one of the highest palaces in the field of figure skating.Skating is not ice, but art.The elegant ice dance is a clever event, which can not help but remind people of the breakthrough of guangxi ice and snow sports, because Guangxi athletes have never lacked dexterity.Of course, compared with those in the north, the disadvantage of guangxi athletes is that they don’t have a long contact with skiing, so they are less close to snow.However, by virtue of their respective fields of expertise, the characteristics of Guangxi sports “small quick spirit” can fully occupy a place in this smooth snow and ice.In order to actively prepare for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the General Administration of Sport of China has made a strategic deployment of “North Ice exhibition in the south, expansion in the west and expansion in the East”, and selected competitive sports talents through cross-field, cross-sport and cross-season selection.Guangxi group of 14 city five batches of more than 3000 athletes to participate in the organization of the state sport general administration of transboundary season across different item selection, successively to national team “three spans 188 athletes, the number of delivery in the country’s top ten, implements the snow and ice project zero breakthrough of competitive sports in guangxi, the state general administration of sports, get prizes.Wei He, former world champion in skills and now deputy director of the regional sports bureau, is in Beijing to watch the Winter Olympics.”Since 2018, Guangxi ice and snow athletes have won 13 gold MEDALS, 13 silver MEDALS and 14 bronze MEDALS in domestic and international competitions.In the next step, we will review and sort out the development of winter sports. When conditions are ripe, we will consider setting up guangxi Winter sports Development Center.At the same time, we will actively guide social forces to invest in the construction of snow and ice sports facilities, and further improve the infrastructure level of winter sports in Guangxi.”Wei He said in an interview with reporters.It is understood that more than three years of ice and snow sports, Guangxi has achieved remarkable results.In December 2021, Luo Mingxiu from Guangxi won the gold MEDALS of “Women’s downhill” and “Women’s individual all-around” in the speed events of the National Youth Alpine Skiing Championships.In April of the same year, In the national freestyle skiing championship, Ding Xin, a girl from Zhuang, won her first national championship and brought surprise to Guangxi sports.In the 2020 World Figure skating Grand Prix, Zhu Daizifei from Guangxi won a bronze medal in pairs skating with heilongjiang skaters, which is the first time that guangxi athletes won a world-class medal in ice and snow events.In 2019, Shen Sihan became guangxi’s first women’s winter Olympics national champion at the National Freestyle skiing Championship…However, Wei he believes that Guangxi winter events must aim at figure skating and other Olympic Games of our advantage, give full play to our skills, gymnastics and other traditional advantages, increase cross-field cross-sport cross-season selection efforts, in order to enter the next Winter Olympics layout.According to Wei he, Yang Yixi and Deng Shunyuyao, two liuzhou skaters born in the 2000s, participated in the national cross-sport figure skating training camp in November 2018 and were officially selected to the national team in 2019.Wei He revealed, “through cross-border across a training found that guangxi skill athletes is very suitable for figure skating sports, Yang Yi creek/Deng Shunyu yao young players on the ice and five months will take part in the national second green, show the double match in the race consciousness and strong personal ability recognised by figure skating in the industry, the two players to enter the national team.Now zhao Hongbo, head coach of the Chinese figure skating team, is keeping a close eye on the two young skaters.

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