Xinjiang people’s festival happiness, is the fried pasta to give!

As soon as you hear the sound of frying on the street, your food radar goes on automatically, and few people can resist the temptation of fried food.Nowadays, when it comes to fried food, we are sure to be embarrassed, but it is ok to indulge once in a while. After all, it is food that moves first.It is not the Spring Festival, every family is busy preparing for the Spring Festival goods, after watching today’s food sharing may be able to show their skills in the kitchen.Sanzi, or SAN twist, is loved by most people during festivals of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang and is also a delicious memory in many people’s childhood.Sanzi, or fried dough twist, can be eaten dry as a snack, salty and crispy, or in soup.The fried dough twist, or SAN twist, is made with soybean oil and on a low heat. To make it more delicious, add spring Onions in the oil in advance. This way, the fried dough twist, or SAN twist, is heated 40 to 50 percent high.The trick to making SAN twist is to shake and twist it.Prop up sanzi.Shake and open sanzi.Set the sanzi by three turns.Crispiness sometimes does not need to be described too much, just listen to the sound can judge.Such as eating a “making bursts bursts” voice is proof of that.In addition to the crispiness, SAN zi is also perfectly thin and evenly spaced.Sanzi, or deep-fried dough twist, is also delicious. Each one tastes crispy and makes beautiful SAN twist, making it a beautiful scene on the table.As a traditional food of The Hui nationality in Xinjiang, oil fragrant oil fragrant is an essential delicious food in holidays or when friends and relatives get together. Hardworking and hospitable Hui mothers prepare food materials early and wait for the oil pot to heat up.A cake of good oil fragrance, the face must be hair, hand with a little oil, knead strips, and then pinch out a dosage.Kneading the dough into a ball, rolling it into a circle with a rolling pin, and finally drawing two vertical lines with a kitchen knife is the soul of youxiang, and then hurry to the pot.As the saying goes, slow fire fried oil fragrance, both sides shine.Oil temperature should not be too high, slowly fry, to crisp outside and tender inside.The surface is burnt and shiny, which makes it crisp and sandy to eat.The interior is soft and spongy, contrasting the texture with the crispy outer layer.Do the hot oil fragrance into the plate just put on the table was swept away, you can imagine how delicious.Although bread sticks are the first choice for breakfast in Xinjiang province, with the fast pace of life, street stalls of bread sticks have also become a common place frequented by office workers and students in the morning.Youtiao as a national breakfast in Xinjiang streets is also a permanent guest.Fried dough sticks kiosk granny had skillfully prepared Fried dough sticks into the big POTS of hot oil package, consumption of alum and baking soda these two seemingly unusual frother perfect combination to make the dough, encounter water, encounter after oil, rapidly produce chemical reaction and release large amounts of carbon dioxide gas, urges the block gradually fluffy and soft.As the hot oil bobs up and down, the two twisted strips of dough begin to puff up and slowly climb to an inviting golden color.A big bite of fluffy, warm youtiao paired with a mouthful of thick, fragrant milk is the most common breakfast combo in Xinjiang province.Chinese leek boxes are another popular choice before churros. Compared with churros, they are more popular for their salty taste.Cut fine chives and broken eggs, yellow and green, very good-looking, doused with oil to adjust the taste, has begun to make people drool.Wrap the filling, pinch the edge, heat the oil, and put it into the pot in one go.The leek box just out of the pot is the most fragrant, the people beside the booth as the leek box out of the pot began to shout: “Master, my three.””Are my two ready?”…The boss always remembered exactly how many leek boxes everyone had bought and left each customer satisfied.Although mahua mahua is the favorite of people in Tianjin and Beijing, it can also be seen in Xinjiang, where food is always welcomed.Twist twist “twist” is the main point, twist even beautiful twist twist in the oil pan to turn a circle out of the crispy crispy.Xinjiang cuisine is given priority to, the hemp flower to Xinjiang has become hemp flower, hemp flower can be loved by the public, taste is the first, followed by color and appearance, a look let people appetite increase hemp flower it has been half of the success, in order to make the color, smell and taste of hemp flower, technology is also the key to success.With these conditions, making a perfect hemp flower is no problem.The whole root of hemp flower is fried through, a bite down, crispy but also pan-fried aroma, wheat flavor of flour through filar silk sweet taste, gently break with the hand can also pull out the silk son, hungry to one, after eating full feeling.When it comes to sugar cake, I believe everyone in Xinjiang is particularly familiar with it.Sugar cake is a dough made by adding brown sugar and frying it in hot oil.Golden color, crisp outside soft inside, oil but not greasy, sweet fragrance, suitable for all ages.Sugar and oil cake to eat while hot, gently bite, the sugar juice inside the flow out, sweet and smooth, and then chew the crispy golden skin, delicate but not greasy, endless aftertaste……Eat sugar butter cake to pay attention to tips, first bite a small slowly suck sugar juice, so that you will not burn your lips.I did not understand before, the first time in the roadside stalls to buy oil cake, while hot bite to eat, hot sugar juice immediately poured out, hot mouth to vomit not to swallow, the pain straight stomp feet.I still remember the embarrassing incident.Fried hemp leaf fried hemp leaf is a characteristic snack in the north, some areas of Xinjiang also have the custom of frying hemp leaf during the Spring Festival, hemp leaf is flour made by frying, taste is salty and sweet two kinds, in the dough with salt or sugar.The hemp leaf is called “hemp leaf” because it looks like a leaf and is covered with sesame seeds.A thin piece of dough is turned over and put into the frying pan after changing the knife. The simple steps produce the top delicious food. During the Spring Festival, the whole family gather around the kitchen to make dough, change the knife, turn over and take out the dough.Just out of the sesame leaf oil flavor sesame flavor, greedy children have been unable to wait to pick up a piece of began to eat, while blowing while eating, crispy skin, inside the fragrance, soft and hard moderate, one by one does not stop.Fortunately, there are adults stopped, or really afraid of these good are “small greedy cat” diao away.Pumpkin pie In the winter just want to eat a delicious pumpkin pie.Simple pumpkin as raw materials, pumpkin mud with some flour, glutinous rice flour knead into dough, roll into a circle and add their own stuffing, I love to eat taro mud stuffing, wrapped into a round ball, fried in the oil, when golden on both sides of the fish out with icing, a fragrant pumpkin cake is ready to make.The pumpkin cake that fish out takes advantage of hot to eat, the aroma of pumpkin is full mouth stay sweet, potato mud flows out slowly, bite pumpkin in mouth and potato mud union sugar exceeds bid directly, guilty feeling is full, what reduced weight ate this first to say again.The cold pumpkin pie also has a special flavor, soft and sticky, mixed with a touch of glutinous rice flavor, I can also dazzle a few pieces.Your mouth is watering after writing so much fried pasta, so try it at home.I think the happiness brought by fried pasta will certainly make the Spring Festival more delicious. I hope that everyone will not be greedy when feeling the family reunion and enjoying the food. After all, the meat on the belly can not be hidden after the New Year.-END- This article by “I come from Xinjiang” original, welcome to pay attention to, take you to understand the familiar and strange Xinjiang!

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