How to grasp major project investment?Leaders of 4 cities in Sichuan shared experience

On March 28, the province’s project investment work and the “14th five-year plan” major project construction to promote the site will be held while walking to see delegates are thinking about a problem hot behind the project site what is the core variable “grasp the project, promote investment, steady growth”?At the meeting, responsible persons from Chengdu, Nanchong, Yibin and Meishan shared their experience with everyone.Highlight a big muscle to catch big items up 186% and 146%!This is the growth rate of the number of major projects and total investment of more than 3 billion yuan introduced in Chengdu from January to February.At the meeting, Chengdu Deputy secretary of the Party Committee, mayor Wang Fengchao excitedly reported this data.Grasping big projects is the focus wang Fengchao first mentioned.”We are making all-out efforts to advance the major construction projects in the 14th Five-Year Plan.”According to Wang, Chengdu has planned and reported 280 major projects with a total investment of 1.3 trillion yuan for 102 projects identified in the 14th Five-Year Plan.Around the provincial “14th Five-year plan” involving 55 major projects in Chengdu, accelerate the implementation of projects, since the beginning of the year, there have been jingdong Fangchengdu vehicle display base and other 31 major industrial projects started construction, tongwei solar photovoltaic industry manufacturing base phase I and other 21 projects completed and put into operation.Nanchong also put the planning of major projects as a top priority.”We have a total of 666 major projects in the 14th Five-Year Plan, with a total investment of 312.17 billion yuan.There are 570 projects with a total investment of 301.16 billion yuan.”In terms of industrial cultivation, Nanchong has planned 120 major industrial projects this year with a total investment of 154.38 billion yuan, said Gu Zhengju, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Nanchong.Just three days ago, Yibin started construction of 33 major ecological and environmental protection infrastructure and industrial projects, with a total investment of 14.02 billion yuan.Among them, the largest single project is the Seventh phase of sichuan Era project, with a total investment of 6 billion yuan.”Vigorously promoting infrastructure projects around upgrading cities;We will focus on building a modern industrial system by introducing and nurturing industrialization projects.Fang Cunhao, party secretary of Yibin, said the Sichuan Era phase 7, 8, 9 and 10 projects are all expected to start production in the first half of next year and the year after.Build a chain to build circle strong chain is the key to Shanshan Lithium, Tongwei solar energy, Qianhe taste industry……Site inspection route in Meishan extended all the way, from which can see what door?”Integrate the industrial chain to nurture the ecology, and build an industrial cluster worth 100 billion yuan.”Hu Yuankun, secretary of Meishan Municipal Party Committee, said that Meishan is based on the metropolitan area to select the track, aiming at cultivating lithium, crystalline silicon photovoltaic, green chemical industry 300 billion industrial cluster, build chain reinforcing chain strong chain, build upstream and downstream supporting industrial ecosystem, cross-regional coordination.At present, the lithium industry has introduced 43 projects, with a total investment of over 100 billion;The crystalline silicon photovoltaic industry signed a new 40GW battery project, with a total investment of 14.5 billion yuan.Good party also mentioned the focus to build a circle strong chain to grasp investment.”Around the power battery electrolyte and other subdivisions, focusing on the industry leading industry chain investment, the head of the intermediary agencies to carry out professional investment, has negotiated 46 projects.”He revealed that Yibin is also closely linked to the “double carbon” strategy to complement the county economy shortcomings, vigorously promote the districts and counties to track new energy vehicles and accessories, clean energy equipment and other industries.On January 18, the signing ceremony of “Airbus Aircraft Life Cycle Service Project” was held in Chengdu. The project will drive the development of Aviation related industries such as manufacturing and maintenance, aviation logistics and aviation material sales of Chengdu Aviation.On February 16th, SF Express Western China headquarters project settled in Chengdu, and will build international and domestic cargo routes connected with the world’s major air cargo hub cities.Conference, wang fengchao noted the above two “chain Lord” enterprise representative projects, he said, chengdu is integrated to build 12 industry ecosystem, 20 key chain for Lord of chain enterprises + intermediaries + + public platform of fund and talents “attract mode, the first batch of 468 target enterprises, including 43” chain Lord “enterprises.”Military warrant”, “season training” and “red and black list” are the words frequently mentioned by the four leaders when introducing their experience.The four cities have all made efforts to consolidate project elements and optimize the business environment to speed up project construction.”Focusing on key links such as project initiation and construction promotion, we will strengthen the incentive mechanism of ‘red and black list’ and promote the construction of key projects with ‘one project, one plan and one specialized team’.”According to Wang Fengchao, Chengdu has arranged a plan of 65,000 mu to guarantee key provincial and municipal projects.To meet the requirements of project construction funds, we continued to carry out activities to connect industry and finance, and issued corporate bonds worth 8.9 billion yuan.In January this year, Nanchong concentrated on five days of county training 66 key projects, concentrated construction of 67 major projects, a total investment of 34.16 billion yuan.”We have established the mechanism of connecting municipal leaders with major projects and the mechanism of ‘one quarter, one practice, one start’.”Gu Zhengju said.This year, Nanchong also formulated 16 policies and measures to support the high-quality development of manufacturing industry, 15 measures to accelerate the high-quality promotion of key projects, 30 policies and measures to build a first-class business environment, and opened up a “green channel” for project approval, reducing the time for the whole process of project approval to 50 days.Meishan regards project construction as inspection cadre main battlefield.”Lay down the ‘military order’ to highlight the target.”Hu yuankun said that Meishan quantified the annual investment of 150 billion yuan, 13% growth target to the project, specific to the time, implementation of the head, to explore the “military warrant” to force project construction.In the first two months, the investment completion rate of key projects in Meishan was 2.5 percentage points.The engine of the project began to roar quickly.It only took 48 days for the land approval of Shanshan Lithium electric project, and only 110 days for tongwei solar project from contact to construction, and less than two years from production to over 10 billion yuan.Sources: Chuan Guan news reporter; Zhang Yuxi graphic editor; Luo Yanju responsible editor; Hu Jie

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