Shanghai Peking Opera Theater’s “top five” : Chen Shaoyun, Shi Yihong, Tang Yuancai, He Shu, Xi Zhonglu

The art of Peking Opera has been inherited for 200 years, during which many famous artists and actors appeared. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the system of opera houses and troupes was formed, and the opera houses and troupes also launched the “No.1” lineup.Founded in the 1950s, the Shanghai Peking Opera Theater was also the top Peking Opera troupe in China during this period. Its first director was Zhou Xinfang, a Peking Opera master transferred from wuhan Peking Opera Troupe.As we all know, there are eight model operas, of which the Shanghai Peking Opera Theater exclusively produced two (The Taking of Tiger Mountain and the Harbour).Later, Shang Changrong brought the script of Cao Cao and Yang Xiu to the Shanghai Peking Opera House, and this new production made the Shanghai Peking Opera House brilliant again.Of course, Shanghai Peking Opera Theater is also facing the loss of famous actors. Tong Xiangling and Zhang Nanyun, two old artists, retired in advance to open noodle shops to make a living, and Yan Xingpeng, Guan Dongtian and others are also engaged in business!Today, xiaobian will talk about the “five top brands” of Shanghai Peking Opera House.Chen Shaoyun Chen Shaoyun is a famous Peking Opera performing artist. He studied in the Qizhi school and was once taught by Zhao Lintong, Zhou Shaolin, Xiao Wang Guiqing, A Jia and other famous artists.His singing style is novel and beautiful, his singing style is bright and wide and sweet, he should be excited when excited, calm when calm, slow when slow, freely retract, handle and hold just right, he has reached a perfect artistic realm.This spring, Mr. Chen, who is in his 70s, performed a highly successful performance of “Xu Ce Running around the City,” which made many audiences feel the charm of Peking Opera, the quintessence of Chinese culture.Shi Yihong shi Yihong is a famous Peking Opera actress. She is a member of the Mei School. She studied under the famous Peking Opera artist Zhang Meijuan.She sings and writes well, and is good at both arts and martial arts.Look handsome and beautiful, the voice wide bright beautiful, exquisite work composed, dignified and generous typhoon, quite everyone style;Kungfu is solid and steady, quick and easy, and has the characteristics of The Times.He Shu he Shu is a famous Peking Opera actor. He was once taught by guan Zhengming and Dong Shaoying, famous Peking Opera actors.He Shu looks handsome, natural and natural performance, pure tone, wide range, sweet voice hongliang, both martial arts.When she was in wuhan Peking Opera Troupe, she starred in the sensational exploration drama “Primetime Fission”.After being transferred to Shanghai, he became famous throughout the country for the revival of “The Taking of Tiger Mountain” and “Cao Cao and Yang Xiu”.Tang Yuancai Tang Yuancai famous Peking Opera actor, gongjingjiao, he has been taught by Qian Fuyuan, Zhou Zhengli, Zhao Wenkui, He Yonghua, Wang Yutian, Liang Tingzhou, and later became a disciple of Fang Rongxiang, Wang Zhengping.Tang Yuancai talent condition is good, the voice is high and wide and bright, if the voice of hongzhong, the performance is full of passion.Xi Zhong Lu Xi Zhong Lu famous Peking Opera performer, wu Sheng, has been taught by Li Huiliang, Li Wanchun and other predecessors.He has strong skills, especially his waist and legs.Its physical fitness, set “brave, fierce, blunt, steady” in one.His resolute and handsome appearance and general demeanor have won great popularity and admiration from audiences all over the world. He is known as “the biggest martial artist in the world today”.

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