The founding of the first female general Li Zhen, and her husband was awarded as husband and wife general star, why the founding of the divorce?

On September 27, 1995, a ceremony was held in Zhongnanhai. Among the crowd on that day, one woman was particularly eye-catching. She was Li Zhen, the first female general of new China.However, such a legendary female general asked her husband for a divorce after the founding of the People’s Republic of China.Lee jeong and his wife had been a model couple. Why would she say that to her husband?Heroine early grow Li Zhen from the countryside in a plain child bride, step by step to the founding major general’s position, her life after countless ups and downs.Li Zhen was born in 1908 to an ordinary family in Liuyang County, Hunan Province.Her parents had only two acres of farmland and a few straw huts, and with that little money they could not raise the six girls they gave birth to.A few days after the birth of the youngest child, her father died of illness and the family’s burden fell entirely on the mother.In order to improve the home environment, the mother to Li Zhen found a nearby family surnamed ancient, young Li Zhen introduced the past to him as a child bride.Although the mother had in her heart to give up, but if she wanted to save her daughter, she had only one way to go.After entering ancient home, li Zhen’s eat and live problem got safeguard really, but young her heart is clear, this is not the life she wants.As the ancient master grew up day by day, he also exposed his cruel side, he not only did not take Li Zhen as a family member, as long as not happy in weekdays, he will catch Li Zhen a beating.In order to get rid of the devil, Li Zhen had tried to escape again and again, but every time to escape, she was the ancient family to catch back, home, waiting for her is a beating.Fortunately, when she was 18, the Red Army came to her hometown and brought her new ideas.After contacting new thought, Li Zhen discovers for the first time, the destiny of original person is ok oneself advocate advocate.To this end, she resolutely cut off the head of the braid, with the Red Army went to the northern expedition battlefield.Though a woman, she was as good as the men in the camp on the battlefield.After joining the Communist Party of China in March 1927, Li Zhen successively served as the committee member of the rural women’s Association and the committee member of the farmers’ Association.She often says she is most grateful to the Communist Party of China for giving her confidence and strength to find a direction in life.Shortly after she joined the Communist Party, Chiang Kai-shek staged a counter-revolutionary coup, and the country was gripped by white terror.Can be in such an environment, she still did not give up the belief in the heart, and many times to participate in the underground revolutionary armed cause, for women to fight for a lot of rights and interests.In May 1928, while li Zhen was traveling around her hometown in Liuyang County, one of her key leaders, Zhang Qilong, was arrested by the Kuomintang.In order to rescue Zhang Qilong, the organization wanted a plan, with the way of the bride to hide weapons, to the Kuomintang garrison area, complete the raid.As a few women in the army, Li Zhen bear the brunt, and his comrades successfully completed the task, zhang Qilong to the rescue.Later, Zhang Qilong is extremely grateful to her all the time, when Li Zhen’s mother suffers from serious illness later, Zhang Qilong also took out his living allowance, saved li Zhen’s mother’s life.One come and two go, two people also quickly photograph ripe rise, as both sides to each other further understanding, 2 people also xiucheng zhengguo, and tie the knot, entered the hall of marriage.But the good times did not last long, they have not married how long, Zhang Qilong was persecuted by the enemy, in order not to trouble his wife, he chose to divorce his wife.After the divorce, Li Zhen put all his thoughts on the revolutionary cause, the domestic environment was very tense at that time.In October 1934, due to the misjudgment of Bogu and others, the Red Army suffered a severe blow in the fifth counter-encirclement and suppression campaign. In this situation, Chairman MAO issued the order for the Red Army to march.And it is also in this process, Li Zhen met the last and their life together.In November 1934, Chen congying went to Li Zhen and told her he would like to introduce her to a man named Gan Saki, who is not only highly educated but also honest.Lee knows Chen’s main reason for saying this is that it’s not easy to see herself alone.But she thought about it, or refused, Li Zhen said, “I don’t have much education, is a child bride was born, she went to the Soviet Union to study, may not be appropriate.”Chen heard li’s statement and stated that Gan was very impressed with her, and praised Li for her solid style and being a great lesbian.It turned out that Chen congying had already sent someone to check on Gan’s attitude before they came to ask Li Zhen.Gan Surabqi Gan Surabqi also has good impression greatly actually to Li Zhen, and because of working reason, 2 people pass the contact of long time, he also produced different sincere feeling to the Li Zhen of bold and heroic.Later, when Gan and Chen tsung-ying talked about Li Zhen, Chen congying sensed his heart, but gan freely admitted that li Zhen is a rare and strange woman.Finally in the army comrade-in-arms matchmaking, Gan Surabqi and Li Zhen successfully in the object.Before long, they passed the organization’s approval and became a revolutionary couple.Although the revolutionary environment was not good at that time, the camp still held a wedding for the two of them, which not only invited many comrades in arms, but also presided over by Ren Bishi himself.Soon after their marriage, Li Zhen became pregnant, and the organization was prepared to let her stay.But Li Zhen insisted on joining the army, saying that there are so many female comrades in the team, they can, why not?Eventually Li Zhen followed the Red Army set foot on the road together, the road of the Long March is very difficult, soldiers not only to climb the rope, across the grass, but also everywhere beware of the Kuomintang encirclement and suppression.Originally, having the Li Zhen of sufficient combat experience, deal with these come to be completely no problem, but as her belly grew every day, her action also appeared a lot of inconvenience.As a pregnant woman, she was in urgent need of nutrition, but the conditions on the Long March were difficult. Sometimes she could not even eat enough food, let alone nutrition.Gan Siqi looked at his wife so hard, very distressed, but Li Zhen said, it doesn’t matter, others can do things, she can also.As the deputy minister of the organization department of the Red Army, Li Zhen also made great contributions to the Long March of the Red Army.On weekdays, she not only to receive the wounded and wounded, statistics of troop casualties, but also responsible for the regiment’s part of the logistics work.Superior leaders sympathize with Li Zhen, specially for her to find a mule, but she gave the mule to the team of wounded soldiers, she also more than once, said to the comrades in the team, do not make anything special for yourself.Chronically undernourished and overworked every day, Li Zhen gave birth to a baby seven months into her pregnancy.At that time, the Red Army was crossing the grass, in the endless grass, the Red Army soldiers could not find food and delivery tools for Li Zhen.Although the team doctors did everything they could to save the child, the poor child never made it across the meadow and died soon after birth.After learning that her child had died, Li Zhen was depressed for a while, but she soon recovered. She knew that the revolutionary cause was not yet complete and now was not the time to be sad.Due to postpartum collapse, Li Zhen’s body is very weak, often rely on the soldiers to carry her to walk, looking at the soldiers so tired, she also very bear, the body just a little, she insisted on the stretcher, began to walk.See his wife so hard appearance, Gansuri heart is also not the taste.To take care of his wife’s health, Mr. Gansabaki brought his mule, lifted her up and let the mule carry her.Fearing that she might fall from above, he stayed by her side all the way to hold her rope.Li Zhen heart clear, Gan Surabqi has been very looking forward to the arrival of this lovely little life, for failed to protect the child, she is also very guilty.One day, she had a solemn conversation with Ms. Gansabaki in which she told him how sorry she was that she had not saved her child.”It doesn’t matter. I know it’s not your fault that the baby left. We’ll just have another baby in the future.”Looking at Ganya’s face, Li Zhen felt a special surge of emotion. She nodded and said nothing.In fact, What Gan said was absolutely right. The long March was a very difficult journey. Even a strong young man could not stand the long March physically, let alone a pregnant woman.In this way, the couple weal and woe together, finally successfully arrived in northern Shaanxi.Marshal He Long also praised them as “two model cadres and a revolutionary couple”.In fact, after the premature birth, Li Zhen was pregnant once again, but pregnant Li Zhen in guerrilla warfare, but just met the enemy to encirdle and suppress.Seeing the enemy troops getting closer and closer to her, Li Zhen jumped off a cliff to avoid falling into their hands.After jumping off the cliff, she was lucky to be rescued and saved, but her baby could not be saved and she suffered a miscarriage again.After this, Li Zhen was never able to conceive a child.Later, the couple went through the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the War of Liberation together, and continued to make outstanding contributions to the cause of the revolution.During the Anti-Japanese War, Li Zhen in the organization of the dispatch to the Anti-japanese military university for a systematic study, to make up for the lack of their own culture.After returning to the camp, she served as the principal of a women’s school in the Eighth Route Army, helping many women in need.During the War of Liberation, she fought with the Northwest Field Army and annihilated many enemies.During the years of the revolution, the couple’s perfect cooperation was enviable to others.After the founding of New China, Gan siqi and Li Zhen were awarded the rank of general and major general respectively by the organization.At that time, Premier Zhou shook Her hand and said, “You are our first female general!”.State leaders praised them more than once as a model couple and dubbed them “generals of husband and wife”.After attending the ceremony, Lee Jeong, who had been a revolutionary for half her life, returned to her hometown to visit her family with her husband.The villagers had heard of Li Zhen’s achievements over the years, so they welcomed her back.And when they are ready to see the founding female major general’s heroic posture, there is a person but panic up, that is Li Zhen’s ex-husband, ancient master ancient tianshun.When he thought of what he had done to Li Zhen, a cold sweat broke out on his head.Now, the former child bride has become a founding major general, Li Zhen how to clean up their own?He couldn’t even think about it.Can make he did not expect is that Li Zhen not only did not go to the trouble of the ancient family, but also specially entrusted to bring him a sentence.He said he had put all the past down, the old era has passed, now is the new China, to the ancient family also put down the past, good life.Although Li Zhen advised others to put down the past, but in her own heart there is a knot that has not been opened, he and her husband have been married for many years, but did not give birth to her husband a son and a half.When I was chatting with my comrades, someone said, “It’s too bad you don’t have a child now, Gan.”Although the words of the comrade-in-arms is also unintentional, but he has poked at the pain of Li Zhen.So after some confusion, Li Zhen went to See Gan specifically, said that before it is too late, they can divorce, let Gan find another wife, and give him a child.’I don’t need children. I need a lover. Having you by my side is enough,’ she said.Looking at her husband’s sincere eyes, Li Zhen was moved in her heart. Since then, she has never mentioned this topic with her husband, and the relationship between them has become more harmonious.However, although Li Zhen and her husband never had any children of their own, they have been doing their best to help other children in need, adopting and nurturing more than 20 orphans of martyrs.On February 5, 1964, Gan Siqi died of exhaustion, leaving his wife who had been with him for more than 30 years. On March 11, 1990, Li Zhen also died of illness in Beijing.Although Li Zhen’s life has been rough, but Li Zhen and Gan Siqi, the revolutionary partner in the revolutionary journey has always been ready to help each other, finally let the general husband and wife, love will become a beautiful talk, and Li Zhen has always been tenacious struggle, the spirit of self-improvement is also worthy of our respect.

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