Laxi station passenger geng Wenbin: see the joy of passengers lost and recovered, is the most happy thing

Dong Haoqian, reporter of Dazhong · Poster News, reporter Li Mo reported that the year 2022 will be geng Wenbin’s seventh Spring Festival Travel rush since he started working.For her, every Spring Festival travel rush feels like a “test”, and what impresses her most is the smile of passengers when they find their forgotten luggage.Sort out the lost items of passengers, register the information of lost items, help passengers find their luggage left behind during the journey…This is one of the daily work of Geng Wenbin, a passenger duty officer at Laixi Station of Yantai car service Section.”The station serves a scattered area and we usually only meet our passengers on one side.”During the 10 minutes we spend with passengers, from the moment they enter the station and go through security, to the moment they wait on the train platform, our main job is to get them safely onto every train.”Geng Wenbin introduced that sometimes passengers are eager to go home or arrive late, a impatient easy to leave things at the station, such as ID cards, luggage bags.”Suitcases, school bags, ID cards…Every item in the lost locker at the station has its own story.”Geng wenbin said that the most impressive thing about the Spring Festival travel rush is the smiles of passengers when they find their forgotten luggage.Seeing the joy of “lost and recovered”, she was moved every time, and at the same time she felt another meaning beyond the work of the Spring Festival travel rush.She was impressed by a “thank-you letter” about a passenger who lost his car keys at a station, searched for them when he got on the train, and excitedly claimed them back.”I saw the missing key at the station and contacted the passenger through the conductor.””When I got the phone call to confirm the key, I felt relieved.”The words in the letter deeply touched Geng, who believes that one of the three luckiest things in life is losing something and getting it back.In 2022, Geng wenbin’s New Year’s wish is: May every traveler be safe and happy, and may all his possessions be lost and recovered.

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