The story of matchmaker

In the Tang Dynasty, a man named Wei Gu traveled to Song City and stayed in Nandian.He saw an old man sitting on the ground, leaning against his luggage, and turning a book to and fro as if he were looking for something.The man who kept the money approached the old man and asked him what book he was reading.”The old man told him.This is a book that records the marriage of men and women all over the world.For solid and asked the old man in the pack of what?The old man said that the red rope was used to tie the feet of the husband and wife.Even if the man and woman are enemies or far apart, a red rope is a surefire way to make a marriage.Maintenance, listen to nature is not believe, but also want to know their future marriage situation.Just then the old man got up and went to the market with his books and bags.The tailbone followed.When they arrived at the market, an old man with a three-year-old girl in his arms said to Wei Gu.The little girl in the blind woman’s arms is your future wife.The maintenance was very angry and ordered the house slave to kill the little girl.After stabbing the girl, the house slave ran away quickly.And when the maintenance to find someone to settle accounts, the old man has disappeared.Fourteen years have passed.Maintain and phase state governor Wang Tai’s daughter married.After marriage maintenance found that there is a scar between the eyebrows of the lady a just know is 14 years ago in Song City.She was stabbed for no apparent reason while the nanny was carrying her through the market.Maintenance is surprised.He told Wang Tai and his wife what happened 14 years ago. At this time, he believed that the words of the old man were not wrong.People’s marriage is already doomed, and the old man is officially in charge of the marriage of the immortal yuelao.Since then, the rich and the solid cherish this predestined marriage, live a happy life.Later song City now heard of this matter, will be the south store into an engagement store.# We media entrepreneur ## Jinfen community ## We media learning ## Community worker #

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