“The world” Sun Xiaoning ending: compete with Zheng Juan, infected with AIDS, leaving a suicide note cast river

Zheng Juan finally came to her.Zheng Juan is very beautiful, but life is very bitter, she is a poor orphan, fortunately, was sold ice lolly old lady shelter, she had a home.Later, the old lady took in a blind boy, guangming, and the three of them formed a small family to live in Taiping Hutong.Later, Zheng Juan luo Shibin rape pregnancy, she married Tu Zhiqiang, help Tu Zhiqiang and water artesian two people “hide”.Also because of this, Zheng Juan knew Zhou Bingkun, fate changed.From a small worker to a formal “general kun”, Zhou bingkun relied on his own ability and character, bought a big house and moved in with his family.When Zheng asked Zhou how long they could stay in the house, zhou said “forever.”Zheng Juan was very happy.A lot of people say Zheng Juan “life is good”, those people forget Zheng Juan once had eaten bitter, a life next child, a person is bearing gossip to take care of week mother, a person is holding old week home this big family.As the days get better, so do the “problems”.Young and beautiful Sun Xiaoning, fell in love with the successful Zhou Bingkun.Sun Xiaoning is the sister of Sun Qiaoqiao, a good friend of Zhou Bingkun.Zhou bingkun recommended two people to work at an education bookstore run by his publishing house.These two people, one is Wu Qian, one is Sun Xiaoning.Sun Xiaoning moved a crooked idea, she fell in love with Zhou Bingkun, and want to marry him, and he together for a lifetime.Ma Shouchang was hospitalized, his son in Shanghai, and work is not good, can not immediately come over, Qu Xiuzhen can only find Zhou Bingkun to help.Zhou Bingkun in the hospital bed, Sun Xiaoning to zhou Bingkun send rice, also said to let shao teacher.Zhou Bingkun heart no ghost, naturally did not think much, but Zheng Juan is not the same, she knew that the young and beautiful girl, and his rob the man.Sun Xiaoning made the audience angry, by his young and beautiful, and zheng Juan than.She thought too simple, do Zhou Bingkun’s wife is not easy, Zheng Juan is holding this big family, that pair of good-looking hands have changed the model, she recant oneself won the respect of zhou jia, also won the recognition of the neighborhood.In sun Xiaoning eye, Zheng Juan old color decline, without culture, do not deserve zhou Bingkun at all.She was too self-aware.At the beginning, Hao Dongmei said to Zhou Bingyi, Zhou Zhigang eyes only Zheng Juan, Zhou Bingyi said directly: “You still want to compare with Zheng Juan.”This was very direct, but Hao Dongmei was not angry, because she and Zhou bingyi both know that she and Zheng Juan are not in the same league.Hao Dongmei is the daughter of the governor, smart and beautiful, decent work, or the daughter-in-law of the proper zhou parents, she feels that she can not compare zheng Juan, how dare Sun Xiaoning think.Before zheng Juan married Zhou Bingkun, she lived in Taiping Hutong, where sun’s family now lives, including Sun Xiaoning.Zheng Juan lived in the house, but also about zheng Juan’s man, Sun Xiaoning is really too shameless.”The world” in the original, about Sun Xiaoning’s description is not much, but her ending explained clearly.Sun Xiaoning contracted AIDS in the south, returned to the northeast to live in his parents’ home for a period of time, and finally left a suicide note into the ice hole on the Songhua River.Sun xiaoning’s suicide note explained two key points, one is that she was not married and no children, the second is that she lived a rich woman’s life for several years, spending money like water.His parents could not read. He told them that his sister had gone back to the south.Do not know the TV drama will be adapted, curious play in the Sun Xiaoning will have a kind of ending.Write last: original content, plagiarism will be prosecuted.Welcome to like, comment, follow and forward, also welcome everyone to discuss!

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