This “epidemic” engraved!Let us freeze in the tender moment

Sanxiang Metropolis Daily · New Hunan client on March 31 (all media reporter Yang Sihan Huang Jing correspondent Tian Hualing) Yangchun in March, this is the blooming mountain flowers, outing season.However, the new round of COVID-19 has blocked people’s travel, and the prevention and control of the epidemic has touched everyone’s heart.If they are quarantined on their way to work, they will join voluntary epidemic prevention on the spot;Teachers “encounter”, just to give students to send computers;Incarnation “psychological counseling expert”, for students to open “spiritual prescription”……In the fight against the epidemic, let’s see the party members and teachers in Changsha’s education system show their identity, take action and make contributions, telling touching pioneer stories.Fight against “epidemic” : you are the red touch in the school every nucleic acid testing work, party members and teachers can be seen everywhere.”I’m a Party member, I’m here to fight the epidemic!”Party members and volunteers of Changsha Mingde Huaxing Middle School actively signed up for volunteer services to help the school’s nucleic acid testing work.The Party Committee of Changsha Zhounan High School issued a “No. 1 recruitment order” to all party branches, and party members volunteers quickly arrived to assist medical staff in completing nucleic acid testing tasks.Party members, cadres and teachers of the Second High School attached to Hunan Normal University actively responded to the call of the organization and took the initiative to take the lead in tracking the epidemic data of all teachers and students to ensure the safety and health of the campus.In fact, it is not only in schools but also in communities that teachers from CPC Members are often involved in volunteer work against COVID-19.Last week, Li Liang, a teacher at Yucai Primary School in Furong District, Changsha city, passed the 351 Wuyi Avenue compound to get ready for class.When she was ready to walk out of the courtyard, the iron gate of the courtyard suddenly closed, all the personnel and vehicles in the hospital are all unable to enter and exit, Li Liang was isolated.On the first night of isolation, the community epidemic prevention headquarters was brightly lit, and the medical staff and volunteers worked hard all night. Moved, Li Liang quickly joined the volunteers as a party member and teacher.Send medicine and food to the elderly, assist in information data entry and report……Li Liang did what he could.Seeing that the front-line staff were often too busy to eat, Li liang and his friends arranged the youth league overnight and delivered it to the staff.Li Shengshu, a teacher at Qingshuitang No. 3 Primary School in Kaifu District, Changsha, volunteered to join the Commando team for epidemic prevention and control in Kaifu District.In the case of shortage of street personnel, Li Shengshu responded immediately, quickly filled the post to assist the community to carry out volunteer service work, order maintenance, data screening, epidemic prevention and control publicity……With his practical actions, he demonstrated the responsibility of party members in the new era.On March 28, Fengshushan Primary School in Changsha officially started online teaching mode.In order to consolidate the teaching effect, Zhang Lin, the teacher of Class 1603, started answering questions after class at 8 o ‘clock in the evening.The class of 50 children, each with his own situation, in the group of enthusiastic interaction.As a mother of a third grader, Zhang is always in debt to her little family, but seeing her sixth grader students work so hard online and their parents support and trust their teachers makes it all worthwhile.The children of tan Junying and Liu Lijuan, the teachers of the school, were isolated and kept busy in front of the screen all day, except for simply greeting them.Liu lijuan said: “Real education must rely on example, not simple words.Be an example before you can lead a group of examples.”Lei Lijun, a 54-year-old teacher at Changsha Shanmu Primary School, has been teaching for more than 30 years. She never thought she would become an Internet celebrity.”Colorful Dream” is the first lesson of Lei Lijun’s online teaching. After watching the recording, students enter the q&A time.Some students asked: “Teacher, why can’t we hear other students answer?””I am alone at home, no one to communicate with me, I don’t know if this question is correct or not”…Lei Lijun was worried about how to make good use of the information technology of online teaching.Fortunately, there is a school young teacher Zheng Qing’s help.Download software, initiate a meeting, connect to the mic, and debug the device.Lei Lijun and Zheng Qing busy to the early morning, finally test success.”Class, online classes test your ability to concentrate. Let me see who is not paying attention?”…After finishing her first live class, Lei lijun welcomed the title of “Internet celebrity anchor” given by her students.On the afternoon of March 30, the rain fell in torrents.In changsha City Furong District Xilongyuan community, dongfeng primary school teacher Luo Si, Yuying Xilong primary school teacher Zheng Huimin in xilong village a student family accidentally met.In Furong district, “school is not suspended” work, the schools in the row, fast action, ideas to try to solve the difficulties for special families.Xiao Le, a student in Class 3 of Dongfeng Primary School, had no equipment at home to study online, so Rose took the school tablet and rushed to xiao Le’s home in the heavy rain.I did not expect to meet Zheng Huimin here, the original xiao Le’s sister in Yuying Xielong primary school to read the fourth grade, also can not carry out network learning, the teacher in charge of Zheng Huimin will send his computer over.Such a “chance encounter”, let this rainy day more warm.It is inevitable that students will have some bad feelings about their life during the epidemic.In order to comfort the children, the class teachers of Changsha Experimental Middle School talked with the isolated students by phone or online every day, learned about their life and study at home or in the isolated hotel, and provided timely and effective psychological counseling.In the class of Xiao Wenxuan, a senior three teacher of Changsha Experimental Middle School, the parents of wang, a boarder, have been fighting on the front line of the fight against the epidemic in Huaihua.Dai, a classmate, whose parents are police officers of Wugang Public Security, rushed to xinning county to help fight the epidemic immediately after the outbreak. Both students have not seen their parents for more than three weeks.XiaoWenXuan after knowing their special situation, take the initiative to care about their study and life, give them a meticulous care, active materials for they buy masks, add life, let them with parents on the phone every day, communicate, patience careful guidance work, help students to eliminate bad feelings in life and study.”The boarders will stay at school and not go home. The school will arrange self-study, and the students will swipe their cards at the dining hall when they arrive…”On March 26 and 27, the boarders in Tianjiabing Experimental Middle School in Changsha city were supposed to be the happiest time. After a week of study, they could finally go home and reunite with their families. However, the notice that “boarders will stay in school and not go home” made some boarders excited and even appeared resistance.The head teacher explains to the students patiently, relieves anxiety and strengthens educational guidance.”Listen to the arrangement of the school, reduce mobility, do not cause trouble to the country.”Fortunately, after the guidance of teachers, this measure has been understood and supported by students.In changsha city mountain foothill international experimental primary school has more than 100 students, their parents, doctors diagnosed patients treated for COVID 18-19, have in the infectious disease hospital ICU ward and new crown fixed-point hospital isolation ward nursing staff, have a look after contact isolation of personnel of the people’s police, a day and night for nucleic acid detection system of medical staff,There are public officials far away from home to support the control of the epidemic in other places…In order to help frontline anti-epidemic workers work with ease, the school has set up a volunteer service team of party and League members to tutor and take care of the children of frontline anti-epidemic workers.Every night and on weekends, volunteers of the Party and League members provide homework questions and reading instructions for children of frontline epidemic prevention workers. Meanwhile, the canteen provides meals for students who need meals.Party members and teachers have taken practical actions to support the work of parents on the front lines of COVID-19, and become their strong backing, so that they can feel more at ease, at ease, and warm their hearts at the front lines![Editor: Hu Yuanyuan][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]

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