You top up here, scammer gets cut over there a gang of crooks using overseas dating sites gets 11 and a half years for fraud

Yao Wen/Cartoon Recruited a salesman in the name of tourism consulting. She colluded with overseas paid marriage websites to fake her identity to chat and make friends, and gained more than 50 million yuan in commission from the websites in 4 years.Recently, the procuratorate of Guancheng Minority District in Zhengzhou city, Henan Province, prosecuted a foreign-related Internet fraud case.The court sentenced to criminal fraud huang mou 11 years and six months imprisonment, fine 200,000 yuan.Huang pleaded guilty in court.In May 2019, King Ping Me, a Chinese resident in Jamaica, was introduced by a friend to set up a personal account on a well-known foreign dating website.Single and divorced, she hopes to find a boyfriend through the site.Just after registering, a user with the ID zhangyoulin151 sent her a dating message, and the two soon chatted online.Zhang Youlin, 51, is single and has a son who works in advertising.King Ping Me judging from the photos on his profile page, Zhang youlin has a very high quality of life and is just her type.She wanted to keep talking, but the free chat sessions the site gave new users quickly ran out.In order not to lose the marriage, King Ping Me resolutely topped up 400 DOLLARS and bought 1,000 points to continue chatting with Zhang.Zhang then sent her messages every day, asking for her health when she was sick.The two quickly established a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, Zhang Youlin promised to marry her in the future.King Ping Me added $50,000 to the site to chat.She also put forward to add wechat contact, but Zhang Youlin always with “wechat signal will be blocked by the website” “easy to steal the number” and other reasons to evade, and even quarrel with her for this.King Ping Me invited him to Jamaica to meet, but Zhang Youlin said he was too busy to get away and that he could not go abroad because of the serious epidemic.It wasn’t until she received an overseas call from zhengzhou police that she realized it was all a hoax.The other party is not divorced rich handsome at all, but a salesman named Henan Meixin Culture Communication Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Meixin Company).After graduation from a junior college, Huang went abroad to work for a period of time, and returned to Zhengzhou in 2014 to register meixin Company.In 2017, he was ready to go big after securing free access to some of the most popular overseas dating sites through their Hong Kong offices.Huang first from the hands of others to buy citizens’ personal information, including id card high-definition photos of front and back, life photos of 20, but also contact the photographer customized photos, by the photography team shot video and fine processing, then the photo data distributed to the salesman.The salesman registers an account on an overseas dating website and packages it as a successful person such as gao Fushuai and Bai Fumei. Then he tries to find a target by using his fictitious identity as a decoy for dating and dating, and tricks the victim into constantly replenishing and paying to contact him through text chat, sending and receiving emails and giving gifts.When the cheated object strongly requests to meet or perceiving the hint, the salesman will quarrel with it for various reasons, and then break up, successfully ending the relationship to avoid the account being reported, and continue to look for the next prey.Because meixin has a cooperative relationship with foreign websites, the company’s salesmen do not charge for sending messages, emails and gifts, but the victims have to pay the corresponding money.Take a certain website as an example, the victim can recharge $400 to buy 1000 points. It costs 1 point to send a message, and 1.5 points to read or send an email.For every 10 points a victim spends, Mei Xin gets a commission of $1.20, or about 7.5 yuan, from the site.This part of the revenue between the company and the salesman according to 60 to 40.A few years, Huang mou and in Zhengzhou, Xi ‘an, Wuhan opened many branches, only zhengzhou company to attract more than 30 salesman engaged in fraud activities, each salesman master at the same time 4 different people set the account.To facilitate communication in English, he requires applicants to have cet-4 and CET-6 certificates.Because victims are spread around the world and the time difference is different, the company operates in three hours: 9am to 18am, 18am to 2am and 22am to 6am, at full capacity.Up to the case, Huang a total of personal illegal profit 38 million yuan.In November 2020, Guancheng Branch of Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau found fraud in Meixin Company during routine inspection, and filed a case for investigation.Huang was on the run for four months before turning himself in in March 2021.After receiving the case transferred by the public security organ, the People’s Procuratorate of Guancheng Ethnic Minority District immediately began to examine and prosecute the case.”In the past, the victims of online fraud cases we handle are mostly in China. The special point of this case is that the victims are all outside the country, so it is difficult to collect the statements of the victims.In addition, the website server used by the defendant was also overseas. After the crime, relevant websites destroyed their background data, making it difficult for us to access electronic data.”Hospital to undertake attorney Wu Dong said, “but we after analyzing existing a large number of data to identify, on the basis of the existing part of the victim statement, and is verified bank transfer the transaction records, phone records, such as electronic data evidence, can still be comprehensive crime such as the number of the victim and fraud amounts of the facts.”After a year of batch review prosecution, the gang accomplice Wei and others have been sentenced to 10 years to one year imprisonment for fraud by guancheng Minority District Court, and the corresponding fine.The main culprit huang on the prosecution charges of criminal facts and charges are no objection, and voluntarily plead guilty in court.The court finally found that Huang used the Internet fictitious facts to conceal the truth, for the global unspecified majority of people to carry out network fraud, the amount is particularly huge, sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of 11 years and six months for fraud, fined 200,000 yuan, the proceeds of fraud to be recovered, and all returned to the victim.”The boss said, we are in a foreign website, cheat foreign people, take foreign commission, this is a gray area in China, no one will control.”Company clerk Liu mou talked about the crime, choked with tears.Fresh out of college, she wanted to find a job as a translator, but after entering the company, she learned that the job was an online scam.But in the face of high salary temptation, she credulity Huang mou’s words, the final harm to harm himself.Source: Procuratorial Daily

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