Airpods Pro Sound Enhancement program, SpinFit CP1025 dedicated ear cap experience

As a longtime SpinFit user, I tried the general version of the CP1025 when it first came out. It is one of the few earcaps on the market designed specifically for real wireless Bluetooth headphones. It enhances the sound quality of the headphones without increasing their size and can be put back into the earphone storage case.I didn’t have AirPods Pro at the time and assumed the CP1025 was generic.It wasn’t until singles’ day last year, when I bought airpods pro to make it easier to switch between iPhone and ipadpro as playback devices, that I found the original CP1025 ear caps didn’t fit.For a headset with an official guide price of nearly $2,000, the AirPods Pro should be pretty good in the earbud section, but I couldn’t help but wonder how much I could improve it with the CP1025 for AirPods Pro.When I received it, I found that the CP1025 for AirPods Pro had an extra set of adapters than the regular version.You need to attach the adapter to the AirPods first, and then attach the ear cap to the adapter.In theory, other earcaps such as the CP100 could be fitted with the adapter, but would become too bulky to fit in a headphone case.The silicone on the outside of the SpinFit’s earcaps looks thinner than the AirPods’, and is made from highly purified liquid silicone imported from Japan, which gives it a softer pinch and a more delicate finish.Some people who have been using AirPods Pro for a while have an itchy ear canal that can most likely be fixed by switching to SpinFit.In terms of sound, the thickness of the outer ear cap can also be seen as some indication. Generally, the thicker the outer silica gel is, the stronger the low frequency is. SpinFit’s CP1025 may be more middle-high frequency from the appearance.SpinFit proud part of the 360 – degree rotating joint professional structure design, ear cap of the lateral part with thick silicone coated pipe leading tone has a very soft, flexible silica gel, so give ear cap can achieve 360 degrees of rotation, the more relevant the ear canal, comfort of ascension as well as more effective isolation outside noise, improve the performance of low frequency.Interestingly enough, Apple seems to have taken a leaf out of this design, with the earcap and connector all in one piece. The middle part of the earcap is also connected by soft silicone, and the outer part of the earcap can also be rotated at a wide Angle.So when it comes to fitting the shape of the ear canal for improved comfort, I personally think the AirPods Pro and CP1025 are in a tie.Since the earcaps of real wireless Bluetooth earphones are designed to be shorter, it is recommended to buy a larger earcap than normal use.For example, I usually use THE M number for CP100, but I suggest to choose the ML number when using CP1025, so as to obtain better sound insulation effect.Sound insulation is the basis of improving sound quality performance, especially bass performance.After replacing the CP1025 for the AirPods Pro, it looks a little more flexible than the original black and white.It also fits perfectly in a storage container.After choosing the right size CP1025 for the AirPods Pro, comfort remains as good as ever.It ADAPTS to the shape of the ear canal and can be quickly fitted into place to block out external noise.And the silicone fitting part of the ear canal is very soft and comfortable.In terms of sound, high-frequency performance and analytical power have been improved by one ear. We can obviously feel that the sound has become much more transparent, with clearer voices, brighter female voices and richer details in music.The low frequencies aren’t compromised at all, and the Diving, transient, power-friendly low frequencies of the AirPods Pro are well preserved.As shown in the diagram on the back of the SpinFit box, the CP1025 has a significant gain in the mid and high frequencies, which makes the sound of the female voice, piano, violin and other instruments brighter and can also hear some high frequency overtones.Small details of electric sounds in electro-acoustic pop music and details of high frequency instruments such as cymbals can be easily captured, giving the music more integrity.If you usually listen to female voice, ACG or some small system OST, etc., put on SpinFit CP1025 after the improvement is very significant, and will make people admire Apple in wireless audio although the parameters are not high, there is no bluetooth audio protocol with high bit rate, there is no large size, advanced material moving coil unit,But both the sound quality and the sense of hearing are quite good performance.After using CP1025 for a period of time, I also found some shortcomings of it.For example, when you go out, you will feel that the noise reduction performance of headphones has a little decline.This may be because the connector and ear cap are designed separately, leading to some outside noise will take advantage of the situation, and the original ear cap is silica gel integrated design, which can achieve active noise reduction effect more effectively.Summary: In fact, for those who often play with headphones, there are never enough earcaps.A pair of high-end Hi-Fi earbuds usually comes with dozens of pairs of earcaps of different sizes and tuning styles.With Apple’s professional-grade headphones, like the AirPods Pro, just one earcap isn’t enough.Original matching ear cap to let most people adapt to, for better noise reduction effect, there are many sacrifices in sound quality and comfort.The CP1025 provides a more comfortable and hi-Fi alternative. If you go out, you can use the original earcap, and if you use it indoors in the office, classroom, dormitory, etc., you can change into the CP1025, enjoying better sound quality and more comfortable wearing.

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