Wenzhou Longwan Olympic Sports Center has realized the demolition of a new butterfly change

In order to welcome the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, Wenzhou Longwan District, as one of the cities to carry out the Asian Games football group matches, has contracted to build the main stadium of Wenzhou Olympic Sports Center (hereinafter referred to as the Olympic Sports Center), which is the largest sports stadium in Wenzhou so far.In September 2021, the Olympic Sports Center has passed the completion of the acceptance, and is currently preparing for the venue test matches, to check and fill the gaps, to ensure that the Hangzhou Asian Games.Looking forward to planning Clear field of the phase ii of the “ground” Olympic sports center stadium is located in longwan wing street possessors zhu village, to advance the project construction, longwan launched possessors village, zhu village demolition, involves the range of about 270 mu, the housing 333, ancestral hall and other 11 special architecture, the total area of about 120000 square meters, demolition and old houseAbout 48,600 square meters of illegal construction area was involved, clearing space and land for the construction of the Olympic Sports Center and laying a solid foundation.Riveting drive to realize the Olympic sports center “new regulation” Olympic sports center stadium in 2019, the second phase starts in March, the total investment of about 1.003 billion yuan, the total land area of 220000 square meters, mainly includes the 50000 – seat stadium, the west side of the main stadium supporting standard outdoor 400 meters track and field training and other outdoor projects,The construction area of the main stadium is 33,700 square meters, and the construction area is 70,500 square meters.Supporting outdoor projects mainly include green planting, outdoor paving, roads and parking lots, outdoor drainage and rainwater engineering, outdoor sprinkler irrigation, landscape lighting, outdoor water supply, outdoor fire protection, etc.The overall design of the main stadium adopts the architectural shape designed by bionic modeling to reflect the elegant and clever artistic form with rich layers. The idea of “Ou fan cloud shadow” is adopted to weave the dynamic scene and integrate the city of Diverse objects.Seagulls and silk, together, constitute the elements of the stadium canopy curve, implying the interweaving of old and new cultures and the rise of Wenzhou East Expansion.After the completion of Olympic sports center stadium project, held at the main venue of the national multi-sports games, Asian games soccer the requirement of the xxix olympiad, international business and the ability to wait in the domestic league, can satisfy the competitive sports competition, amateur training, the fitness, culture, entertainment, conference and exhibition, tourism, entertainment, business and commerce, the integration of demand,It is also an open sports park with beautiful environment.Relying on the facilities of the Olympic Sports Center, Longwan District has made comprehensive deployment and adopted multiple measures to carry out environmental renovation activities around the Venues of the Asian Games, improve the living environment of Longwan and create a “high appearance level” of the city.Strong break, move space.We will comprehensively promote the demolition of important roads along the Olympic Sports Center, demolishing 120,000 square meters of unauthorized roads along Huanshan East Road and 150,000 square meters of unauthorized roads along Huanshan North Road with stronger efforts, higher standards and faster efficiency, and enhance the space for environmental improvement.Improvement, gorgeous butterfly change.Breaking is for better promotion.After the completion of unauthorized demolition, Longwan District mounted 15 renovation and upgrading projects, including Huanshan East Road, Huanshan North Road, Yongding Road, Longjiang Road and other road upgrading projects, Yongding home facade transformation, park green space improvement and new projects.At present, 4 road renovation projects including Yongding Road, Longjiang Road, Yongzhongxi Road and Gaoxin Avenue have been completed.Completed longwan Asian Games Park construction and Yongding home facade renovation;Build longwan Asian games park, green park, upgrade the air-defense park, surrounding mountains east road on both sides of the building along the mountain kechuang characteristic green way, through its slow system in series, in which only surrounded by mountains along the east road on both sides of about 268600 square meters of green coverage has been an upgrade, the new green building about 28400 square meters, for Olympic sports center around the new add a little greenery.In longwan district government work, the relocation of the new Olympic sports center, butterfly, from the old former house into a thrilling Asian games venues, surrounding environment by the “old” old factory gradually upgraded to a set of “the road clean, beautiful environment, green ecology, clear convenience” feature blocks, with new attitude opened a new era of fashion sports city and inside information fusion.Wenzhou APP County Channel, Longwanrong Media Center, Longwan District Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, First Review Editor: Wu Tongtong Responsible Editor: Gu Zhangtong Review: Miao Jianli Director supervisor: Chen Taicang Supervisor: Wu Xiao Chen Xiyu Chief Supervisor: Chen Zhenshi recommended reading ↓↓↓

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