A lot of the gameplay in Personality Five is built on talent

Tutorial no use, I press the machine card blood line pressure tinnitus pressure full rescue are with the anchor to learn.I think the biggest charm of the game is the test of the player’s consciousness. I fell in love with the game after watching a battle between 5HS and Gr.Survival play more, do not play butcher will slip ghost, because you encounter more can also be familiar with his skills.Low order doesn’t cooperate. Butcher can kill with an attack button.The fifth hand is more difficult, but the general understanding of the word will find the fifth is easier than the king.Uncomplicated is easy to understand, but difficult to understand for novices.The first stage of the press is only part of it. I learned a lot by watching the live broadcast and studying the talents and skills of human beings and butchers. As early as before MY full level, I knew that the press, card half blood and pressure full save, but in many matches and unions, often meet teammates who do not press, and have become accustomed to it.Fifth, a lot of the gameplay is based on talent.Press, life-saving time-wasting, double ammo, etc.But the King’s Inscription can go on without it.To prevent the time of the butcher skill, first look at the surrender time 180 seconds butcher flash good, if the butcher flash in 160 seconds then it is 40 seconds, 195 seconds teleport good, 200 seconds golden body 210 seconds release dog good.Since Joseph began after the butcher are more complex skills, we ridicule the magic department, so it is the magic world ah.Watch more professional games, with commentary.If you watch too much, you will.The perfume is placed at point A in the mirror and then goes out of the mirror to point B. Tracing the perfume position will go back to point A outside the mirror.Once I was too nervous to walk a ghost, I stole red butterfly for 100s. Red butterfly didn’t want to catch me and prepared to send. As a result, I saw the shaking logo on the screen and I was afraid that she would fly and send her with the monkey head.Stick the mold against the wall to catch the hole, but don’t if you’re down and the butcher is standing next to you, because the butcher will be watching you pick up Gigi so you can hit her.

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