Cancer is naturally gentle, low-key and reserved

Starting from the Spring Festival holiday, the “Twelve Constellations to buy pickup trucks” series has come to the end. We recommend several most suitable pickup models based on the characteristics of each constellation. Of course, some of them may never be bought, but this does not affect the interesting topic.Today we are going to recommend two pickups for Cancer.Cancer is a person whose birthday falls between June 22 and July 22.The common characteristics of this sign are softness, understanding and easygoing.Reserved nature makes Cancers shy and shy, but they will be the first to lend a helping hand when you need it.So suitable for cancer to buy pickup trucks must be low-key but not good strength.When it comes to low-key and restrained, Honda Ridgeline must be a model in the North American market.Although it uses the non-carrying type body platform to build, but it can compete with the traditional carrying type pickup truck in all aspects of capacity.In appearance, Honda Ridgeline is almost similar to SUV or MPV with the same platform. The midnet style adopts honeycomb form, the engine compartment is square and the hatch cover is high, adding a touch of wild to the urban appearance, but the ornament is not abrupt and just right.The side of the body is a very standard pickup model, the overall design is quite coordinated.The Honda Ridgeline has a gentle-looking look in contrast to the traditional Big American pickups designed to show off their power.Inside, it looks more like a family car, in the same style as Honda’s MPV and SUV. At first glance, you’d think you were driving an Odyssey.Not only that, of course, but the Ridgeline also goes all the way to luxury, with an optional package that includes a distinctive grille, black fenders, bronze wheels and HPD (Honda Performance Development) drag on the trunk.In addition, Honda’s vaunted trunk sound system is still available as an option on the new model.The power part has changed little, with a 3.5-L V6 engine matching a 9-speed automatic transmission.But it also comes with i-VTM4® torque-vectoring four-wheel drive, which transfers up to 70% of engine torque to the rear wheels, providing some handling when needed.Zhengzhou Nissan sharp qi 6 foreign pickup truck is far, if you recommend a domestic can buy suitable for cancer pickup, that is Zhengzhou Nissan’s sharp Qi 6.Although this car adopts the Dongfeng brand logo of the double Swallow, its DNA is navarre, so it is not to be underestimated.Due to the origin of Navarre, the overall shape of Qi 6 is also very similar to navarre, which looks very coordinated. The support of large chrome-plated air intake grille adds luster to the whole vehicle. The overall shape is smooth and stable, neither arrogant nor humble, which is very similar to the way of life of Cancer.The interior of the vehicle remains the same as the exterior, with a solid color palette, the canopy fabric upgraded from non-woven to knitted, and the seats in brown perforated fabric.In terms of power, it has gasoline and diesel power, especially the diesel model with renault-Nissan Alliance M9T engine. In addition to manual transmission, the transmission part also has an 8-speed automatic transmission from ZF.And in the follow-up launch of off-road version and through the version of the model, in the off-road performance has been improved, let you “want to go”.Rescue equipment, such as winches, can also be added to the Time-travel model so that you are ready to help yourself or others out of trouble when you have to.Conclusion: People under the sign of Cancer always seem to be calm and kind to others, so being quiet, low-key and family-oriented has almost become synonymous with Cancer.The Honda Ridgeline and Zhengzhou Nissan Ruiqi 6, which have the same characteristics themselves, are suitable for Cancer people to buy.To this, the twelve constellations to buy a pickup truck series of articles all over.Because the constellation culture itself has a certain entertainment color, so we also uphold a relaxed and humorous way for each constellation of the crowd recommended the characteristics of the pickup truck model similar to the constellation, right or wrong is not important, we look relaxed and fun, do not have to take the seat.

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