Longhu learning home | with what to become jimo students with excellent results in all subjects?

In 2021, the property market makes people tremble, most of the housing enterprises are affected by different degrees, and like Longhu so rise against the trend, brave, true rare.When the market is good, everyone is good. When the market is bad, all kinds of problems will be exposed. Of course, it can also expose the real strength of the housing enterprises.As the crown of the west of the city of Jimo red plate – Longhu study home, in the era of the storm to break through, behind the edge actually has a solid logic.Scientific site selection has vision of outstanding students for housing enterprises, “take the right, the project is half successful”.Longhu in the choice of land, strict standards well-known industry.The target of land acquisition is mainly the hot-spot leading plate of high-energy cities.Longhu learning home selection jimo key development area, set “Jimo star pillar industry” “Jimo high-quality residential area” “Jimo optimal school district gathering area” three positioning and a body.Jimo is currently recognized as the education improvement residential area, the regional potential has burst out, the future value is infinite.The scientific garden has the appearance level of the garden longhu, known as the master garden, its gardening attains has been the benchmark in the industry.Longhu school door frame house planning about 33 meters hotel door, entrance stacked waterscape, link qianping sunshine lawn, home of the sense of respect, the sense of noble identity, in the glory of here.In addition, zelkova trees into the forest, cherry blossom Avenue, 500 meters night halo run, Longxiaohu Park, elderly care park, north and south into the garden…From children to the elderly, there are places to play, move, exercise, to meet the whole age of healthy and comfortable residential!Scientific layout has exquisite house type care for people, is always the top priority in life.Longhu study home, in-depth exploration of urban living needs, to create a full life cycle housing, to bring new comfortable living ceiling jimo.House all adopt north-south transparent design, anacreontic light comes through the hall, whole family members can bathe in the sunshine warm, enjoy the breeze gently blowing.External landscape balcony, extend home space, greatly improve the comfort of living feeling;In addition, under the same area, Longhu study home line optimization, through the integration of functional space, to achieve a more perfect home scene, so that life is more and more simple and comfortable, healthy and reasonable.As the west of jimo three red line all green brand, the west of the city TOP10 brand developers.Longhu study home whether from the location, supporting, garden, products have a strong advantage, is worthy of the west of the total subject high quality students with excellent results, can say, real estate west, you can believe that Longhu study home.This is the start of the Spring Festival, Longhu school home opened three major gifts.Direct signature minus 50,000 yuan;Clinch a deal hit golden eggs, 100 percent win;Old belt new maximum can enjoy 50 thousand longzhu.Construction area of about 89-127 square meters university comfortable living, housing access, timely grab!The article information is limited, interested in the project friends, can call the sales office: 400-101-8532 transfer 448 for consultation.

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