The entry-level price is less than 180,000 yuan, the range is enough to travel, these two cars are not cheap

The automobile industry is one of the industries with rapid development in recent years. Thanks to the continuous increase of people’s demand, the sales volume of automobiles has shown a steady growth, and auto brands have naturally ushered in new development opportunities.As early as a few decades ago, if there was a car in a family, outsiders would know it was a big family at a glance. It was unthinkable for everyone to live with a car at that time.But now, with a better standard of living and more money on hand, it is natural to consider something that can improve the quality of life at a higher level, and buying a car has become common.The society is constantly developing and progressing, so is the automobile industry. With more demands and increased sales, competition also follows.In order to take an advantage in the fierce competition, the automobile brands began to focus on improving the strength of the car, so there is now a series of powerful cars appear and market situation.Today to give you a few comprehensive strength of good new energy models, by the way, in-depth understanding of their market competitiveness.For new energy vehicles, the most likely concern of prospective owners is the vehicle’s endurance.To that end, the leading-edge EV has put some thought into its range.The vehicle’s endurance capacity reached 435 kilometers, for some not often go far, driving activities are basically in the city’s office workers, more than 400 kilometers of endurance is enough.If the distance between home and work is not too far, this battery life can last about a week, and the monthly charging frequency is not very high.However, if the nature of the work needs to drive a long distance often, or more free time to want to take the car to other places for leisure travel, such a battery life is slightly not enough, may occur on the way to the low power situation.For some families that pay more attention to the practicality of vehicles, the space inside the car is also a point that has to be considered.Sit in the front seat of the collar EV, after the seat position is adjusted properly, the owner’s head and legs can make a lot of room for movement.That means the car owner can do small movements in the car, such as turning his head to grab something from the back seat or simply moving his legs while waiting at a traffic light.AION V PLUS has obvious advantages in the range, reaching 500 km, 600 km and 702 km respectively.As long as the battery is fully charged the night before, there is no need to worry too much about the return trip when you take it on an impromptu business trip the next day. After all, the range of 500 or 600 kilometers is not too short.Even if the battery is too low on the way, don’t panic. This car supports fast charging. After finding a nearby public charging area and plugging in the charging interface, the battery can be charged to 80% in about 10 minutes, and it is not too challenging to continue driving.But the lithium-iron phosphate batteries still run on several models, which could compromise winter endurance.As for interior space, the AION V PLUS is just right.Even if there are three people in the back seat at the same time, it will not be too crowded, and there is a certain gap between each other, so you can drive with a family to travel at ordinary times.Just from the endurance and interior space of two aspects, the overall strength of these two models are not bad.If you just have enough money to buy a car, in fact, you can consider these two cars, after all, the entry-level model price is less than 180,000, cost-effective or quite high.

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