Today, do you raise a flag?

The New Year has begun. Look at the flags you have set in the past year. How much have you completed in a year?In the past year, I made a lot of wishes for myself.Running every morning, reading 100 books a year, etc.But now it seems that only one year to read 100 books completed, read nearly 100 books, how to achieve?I read it when I’m commuting to work on the subway or on my break.We would write down our own flag every time, thinking that we would achieve it, and then execute it every day according to the plan. At the beginning, we would stick to it for a few weeks, but after a long time, we could not stick to it. It was conceivable that the plan was not completed.This book, “Writing Your Wishes Down Makes Them Easier to Fulfill,” caught my eye.See the title of the book is the book of self-management, write down your heart’s desires, and follow the goals, and then achieve them.Written Wishes are Easier to Achieve by Wang Xiao shares some of the ways she achieved her goals.Wang Xiao, a writer, is known as “Natural and unrestrained sister”.He graduated from Renmin University of China with a master’s degree in 2007 and received an MBA from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in 2019.In 2001, he served as the anchor of CCTV’s “The Hour News”. Since 2008, he founded the positive life cultural and creative brand “Hua Zao”, and served as the chief editor of “Fashion COSMO”. He published several best-selling books from 2010 to 2018, and won the 2017 Ernst & Young Asia Pacific Chen Gong Female Entrepreneur, 2017 China Communication Person of the Year and other awards.For such a strong action of the character, the in the mind can not help but feel admire, is also worth our learning, that she is how to effectively achieve their goals?In the book, Wang xiao shares several steps to achieve his goals: First, what kind of goals to set.Second: target time (can be a long time, can also be a short time) third: review fourth: persistence for example: want to earn money to write.We often see who makes how much money from writing, but we don’t see the hard work behind it.For example: Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, he also customized goals for himself every day, maybe these goals have a short time, a few days, or dozens of days.A short one or two days, we can write it down on paper or in a notebook.And long-term plans, we tend to forget, we have to put the long-term goals through the method of recording down, in order to better urge us to achieve.In the book, the author gives many lists and tables for us to keep track of.The booklike method described by the author, for example, is particularly common in the Japanese workplace.Japan is one of the craziest working countries in the world, and everyone, male or female, has a notebook in which they write down what they are going to do this week.I think if we don’t re-record our life in the way the author does, we will forget the goals we set before.If we don’t set goals, in the end we will be nothing.In Writing Your Wishes Down Is Easier to Achieve, the author divides time into five broad categories: time to survive, time to make money, time to look good, time to have fun and time to flow.The first two are understandable, but fun time and good time are about letting yourself be beautiful and giving yourself the freedom to do what you like.And the last time is time for self-reflection and independent thinking.After reading “Write down the wish is easier to come true” I do not have the author’s strong willpower, can both start a business and write, but also improve their ability.However, she is a good example for me to learn. For the goal, she can settle down and achieve her goal step by step.

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