Xi ‘an Baqiao District Market Supervision Bureau “six measures” to help enterprises in the area to resume work and production

China quality news network news of the outbreak delayed time retroactive back to xi ‘an baqiao market regulator pragmatic press to return to work and production of “fast forward button”, grasping the epidemic prevention and control, on one hand, to return to work and production, active the door to help enterprises to formulate measures to restore the production and business operation, comprehensive, epidemic prevention and control system, accurate to promote the market main body and return to work rehabilitation.Up to now, the area has 8 farmers’ markets, 210 pharmacies, 473 restaurants, 32 manufacturing enterprises and small workshops, 1,025 shops, supermarkets and convenience stores along the street.The measures of “filing + Commitment + Service” were rolled out to formulate and print the implementation plan for the resumption of work and production as soon as possible, and clarify the types of enterprises, process conditions and follow-up supervision for the resumption of work and production.We will fully implement the commitment record system, and promote the orderly and rapid resumption of work and production in farmers’ markets, supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, barbershops and other industries closely related to the needs of the people.In response to the difficulties and problems faced by market entities in epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work and production, and business operations, China has provided customized services such as online q&A and offline guidance in accordance with the principle of “one enterprise, one policy” to ensure that enterprises can resume work and production as soon as possible.The 12315 complaint and reporting hotline of the Bureau, in addition to receiving all kinds of consulting services to ensure the supply of people’s livelihood, has also assigned special personnel to handle all consultation and complaints of enterprises and individuals during the resumption of work and production, so as to make every effort to solve people’s demands.Through daily data summary and analysis, it provides reference for the resumption of work and production measures such as limiting flow into stores, handling special events and providing door-to-door services, so as to steadily guide enterprises to solve difficulties and problems in the resumption of work and production and promote the resumption of work and production in an orderly manner.As of January 25, the Market Supervision Bureau of Baqiao District has received a total of 31 consultation issues concerning the resumption of work and production of enterprises, all of which have been completed quickly.Implement the convenience of the enterprise service measures for the registration of items without on-site review or verification of the implementation of the “electronic” declaration, administrative approval “online, zero meet” and free mailing business license for enterprises.Establish supervision work group, conduct online safety training for food, pharmaceutical equipment, special equipment, epidemic prevention materials and products enterprises by using the nail system, timely push relevant policies, and answer difficult questions.The wechat official account was used to carry out online publicity activities, guide enterprises in epidemic prevention and control, enterprise annual reports, and facilitate the “double victory” of epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of work and production.If the food trading enterprise license expires, it shall be exempted from on-site inspection in the process of handling through the enterprise’s commitment.The expiry date of health certificates held by food traders shall be extended for 90 days.For the 61 special equipment users involved in 278 lifts that should be inspected or not inspected, we contacted Xi ‘an Special Equipment Inspection and Testing Institute for inspection.Green channels will be opened for priority inspection of stations, shopping malls and enterprises resuming work and production to ensure mandatory inspection, early inspection and quick inspection.To maintain enterprise and the consumer legitimate rights and interests formed during the period of “outbreak complaints disposal program”, open 12345, 12315 complain inform against channels, timely response to the public concern and society concerns, complaints whistle “nissin daily”, “four first”, strictly is the first time to accept the shunt, the first time, the first time to deal with, the first time reply,Ensure that complaints are handled within 24 hours.For the masses to buy drugs, shopping and other urgent needs to strictly do “zero delay”, commitment to “do immediately”, “timely delivery”, for the people’s rescue.Strengthen the supervision of business behaviors of market entities. In the mode of grid supervision, the 6 grass-roots market supervision institutes under the jurisdiction were divided into 26 grid supervision groups with 132 grid members, and the implementation of epidemic prevention and control plans, epidemic prevention materials reserve, daily elimination and elimination execution, and employee health monitoring were strictly checked.We will give priority to supervision over prices, commodity quality, and measuring instruments, and strictly investigate illegal acts such as price gouging, the sale of fake and shoddy goods, and the use of substandard measuring instruments, so as to maintain orderly market operation.Implement the “four strictest” requirements, urge food operators to comprehensively clean up expired and spoiled food raw materials, good raw materials purchase, cleaning and disinfection, personnel health, processing and operation, dining and other key links.Actively explore the new model of drug purchase by the masses In view of the difficulty of drug purchase by the masses during the period of closure and control, the district Market Supervision Bureau took the initiative to take “six measures” to break through the barriers between pharmacies and the masses.One is a team led by the main, in charge of the leadership, YaoXie, grassroots YaoXie supervision of cadres YaoXie BaoZhangDui service, the second is to create a use “grid + big data model for management of jurisdiction for temporary WeChat group of companies, 3 it is in accordance with the principle of” management, selection to the nearest grid “, building community (village) + pharmacy “is intimate friends the bridge”,Explore an effective YaoXie confirmed for way, four is to create a kind of “order online + offline distribution” buy medicine mode, 5 it is published online pharmacies for hotline, set up a buy medicine information sharing platform, six are for patients with chronic medical needs, set up a set of files, meet the demand of special crowd potential drugs.(Contributed by: Xi ‘an Baqiao District Market Supervision Bureau)

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