A 78-year-old man marries a 48-year-old woman. If a man can find a wife, why not a young man?

An 80-year-old man married a woman 30 years younger than him in a county in Shandong province, jimu News reported.The wedding was arranged for the don, who is on low welfare, by his nephew.This combination of old husband and young wife is often seen in the circles of rich people, celebrities and literary circles, but it is still rare among ordinary people in rural areas.Because of this, the video of Pops getting married has attracted a lot of attention.Many netizens said that they finally believe in love again.We can see from the video, the scene is very lively, a jubilant, the Don dressed in a bright red wedding dress, sunglasses, black hat, red flowers on the chest, riding a horse, in the crowd under the slow forward, he waved to passers-by.It is understood that the Don is his first marriage, has been with his bride for many years, the two hit it off, deep affection.At this moment, this situation, in addition to the blessings of a happy marriage, old life happiness, xiaobian suddenly produced a question: the don can find a wife, why so many young people are still single?I remember that there was a blind date meeting held in some place these days, a total of 5 women participated, but more than 100 men applied.This ratio has to say huge pressure, success rate is almost zero, want to get married, difficult!In order to pursue happiness, a large number of young women of marriageable age flock to big cities. Fewer of them are willing to stay in county towns, while young men of marriageable age are forced to return to small places because they cannot stay in big cities due to the pressure of buying houses.As a result, there is a serious imbalance between young women in big cities and young men in small areas, making it more difficult for young people in small areas to find a wife.Of course, young men in big cities also find it difficult to find a wife.Although the proportion of women is higher, it is difficult for young men in many big cities to find a wife due to the fact that women are eager to change their destiny through marriage. The bride price is high, and they have a house, a car and a stable job.Another reason may be that young men in big cities also have certain requirements for women, such as education, looks, work and so on.Although there are many young women of marriageable age, there are not many young men who can meet the criteria for choosing a mate, so the probability of successfully holding hands is greatly reduced.Short words, enough.About this matter, what do you think, welcome message exchange.(Author: Short words) // Finish //

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