Can credit card collection check your spouse?

Credit card collectors do not seek information about the cardholder’s spouse.1. Note that if you do not call your spouse, and want to use the holder of the supplementary card, or issue a credit card, the first time your spouse’s information and equal fill in, do not contact the bank, and I did not collect it is likely to contact each other for many times.Cardholders who do not want their spouse to be disturbed should repay the loan as soon as they receive an email or phone call urging them to do so without further delay.2, even if temporarily unable to pay debts, cardholders will be less, at least the bank knows that they have the meaning of active repayment, customers can also take the initiative to contact and negotiate deferred repayment can apply to stop trying.In addition, if the delay continues, the bank may appeal to the cardholder.3. If you are negligent and forget to repay, you should repay in full as soon as possible after finding a late fee.In addition, if you call the credit card center of your bank and apply for a loan that is not malicious, you will have a good record in the past. If the overdue payment period is short, you will not have a bad record if you can confirm the good payment after the delay.After the event can not be careless, must pay attention to the bank bill notice and supervision information, to avoid default.

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