Create a history of winter Olympics!Norway’s Bower brothers hold hands on the biathlon podium

Johannes Tinnees-Bohe and Tarje Bohe of Norway won gold and bronze MEDALS in the men’s 10km sprint at the Zhangjiakou National Biathlon Center on February 13, Beijing time, becoming the first brothers in The history of the Winter Olympics to stand on the podium at the same time in biathlon.Younger brother Tinnees-Bower had an excellent final, with the 28-year-old leading from start to finish despite receiving a miss penalty for the stand-up part of the shooting after the middle of the race.Tinnees-bower crossed the finish line in 24 minutes 00.4 seconds to finish 25.5 seconds ahead of her nearest competitor.Tinnees-boer won his second gold medal of Beijing 2022 as part of Norway’s 4x6km mixed relay team, also taking bronze in the men’s 20km individual event.”There are days when you just feel like you’ve done half the job and you need to step it up,” Tinnees-Bower said. “Today was one of those days.I managed to save power on the skis and I felt good on the shooting range.I also had a good ending, even though I was really tired, I ran my best sprint in one of the best sprints of my life, and I’m really happy that it happened today, on the track in Beijing 2022.”France’s Contan Maye finished second, 25.5 seconds slower than Johannes Tinnees-Bower.He was the gold medalist in the men’s 20 km individual event.Older brother Tarje Bower finished on the podium in 24 minutes 39.3 seconds.The 33-year-old Norwegian beat Maxim Setkov of the Russian Olympic Committee by just 2.7 seconds.As brother Johannes – in katyn – “he won the gold medal in men’s 10 km sprint race, and brother tal yei -” he got the bronze medal, two brothers stood on the podium at the same time, the two in the winter Olympic winter games was the first time in history, “Upton also created two winter winter a much-told story.

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