He set a great service in the liberation of Hainan, outstanding merit award general more than, why no news later

Familiar with the liberation war in China all know that there are such a team, although it is far away from the central, natural environment is poor, social productivity is relatively backward, but it has always unswervingly implement the party central committee’s decision, under the guidance of the party, led the local people towards the socialist new China for the road ahead.This team is qiongya corps, led by General Feng Baiju.General Feng Baiju is the real farmers of the second generation, father Feng Yunxi wu is a good iron man, although he is a farmer, but with a martial arts often for the villagers to solve intractable problems, so a loved by the local.Feng baiju’s mother is also a sensible housewife, gentle and kind.Although the family is poor, but the family is also secure.Young Feng Baiju in the family of good education, during the study of assiduous.His hard work paid off, and he was admitted to Shanghai University with excellent grades. In the university hall, his thoughts quickly sublimated.Once witnessed the “May 30 tragedy”, in the huge impact of the tragedy, Feng Baiju began to explore a way to save the country and the people.In early 1926, feng Baiju, full of passion, gave up his studies and returned to Hainan province to join the revolutionary cause in spite of the opposition and retention of his classmates.As a college student, he is highly valued by local organizations.When working in the farmers’ association, he was mature in thought, resolute in action and steady, and was well received by his colleagues.In September of the same year, the energetic Feng Baiju formally joined the Communist Party of China, with the wish of saving the country to set foot on the arduous revolutionary journey.In 1938, the War of Resistance against Japan broke out in full scale, at this time Feng Baiju served as the captain of the Independence team.He knows the burden on his shoulders is heavy.On the one hand, the independent team prepared poorly, basically in the millet plus rifle state, combat effectiveness is really not to hand;Another aspect is the overall quality of the independent team.Although the members of the independence team are proud, everyone can sacrifice everything for the revolution, but the independence team is a regular team, not outlaws, not boxers, to obey orders, follow the command, but also to come at a moment’s notice, to fight.In order to let the independent team quickly formed a higher fighting capacity, General Feng Baiju spent a lot of energy to cultivate, can be said to be dedicated.In order to cultivate this team, Feng Baiju personally gave the soldiers a political lesson.With the knowledge of Shanghai University and many years of revolutionary experience, he taught the soldiers Chairman MAO’s military thought and the fine traditional style of the Red Army, the independence team under the guidance of Feng Baiju quickly formed considerable combat effectiveness.Independent team up and down all know their bear the revolutionary mission, day and night to step up training, military technology, combat tactics and so on combat skills gradually shape.Under the leadership of feng Baiju, this independent team became a sharp steel knife in the war of resistance in Hainan, mercilessly hit the arrogance of the Japanese army entrenched in Hainan.In February 1939, the Japanese army invaded Hainan Island, general Feng Baiju led the team quickly in Qiongshan County tankou to stop the battle.At this time the independent team fame, more and more people actively respond to the anti-japanese, to join the team.Soon the independent team expansion, qiongya anti-japanese guerrilla independent column and other anti-japanese base areas.In the efforts of the independent corps smashed the Japanese army’s mopping up, so that the Japanese invaders in Hainan island repeatedly frustrated.General Feng Baiju devoted all his life to the revolution. Although he was wrongly criticized in the “anti-regionalism” struggle, under the care of Chairman MAO and Premier Zhou, he was exonerated in 1983, although it was the tenth anniversary of the death of our loyal General Feng Baiju.General Feng Baiju was a wise, brave and loyal revolutionary. Even in the arduous struggle in Qiongya, he always taught his soldiers to remain optimistic and to always believe in Marxism.Salute general Feng, he is qiongya standing red flag!

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