Return attention!Freezing rain and snow on the way!Jiangxi multiple highway intersections closed!

Today is the last day of the holiday and along with the news of the start of work tomorrow comes the heaviest rain and snow since the Year of the Tiger. Today and tomorrow, the rain and snow will expand to cover more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.Snow and rain intensity is also very strong national meteorological center has issued a blizzard warning blue last night in southern yunnan, guangxi, hunan northern southern, central and southern jiangxi, fujian, zhejiang, guangdong and other places have to heavy rain in the rain and snow in the process of dividing line will arrive roughly north zhejiang, a line of south central north jiangxi northern hunan, guizhou damp continuous online in the coming days,South with frequent rain and snow weather has entered spring throttle but still is given priority to with cold, hard to have the awaken of spring today began to the south more temperature falling like wuhan, nanjing, changsha, nanchang, 7-8, the highest temperature is only 3 ℃ and temperature difference between day and night will not more than 5 ℃ cold feeling throughout the day in jiangxi province meteorological bureau 6, 8 released when the province’s weather forecast:In the daytime, there will be light rain or sleet in the northern part of Jiujiang city, with light snow in some areas.In other parts of the province, cloudy skies turned to light rain.Evening jiujiang city cloudy with sleet or light snow, local areas have medium to heavy snow;Jingdezhen, Yichun, Nanchang, Pingxiang, Xinyu five cities and Shangrao, Ji ‘an, Fuzhou three cities north cloudy with light to moderate rain;Other parts of the province were overcast with light rain.Some mountainous areas in northwestern Jiangxi are frozen, and roads on the wet ground are frozen.Jiangxi Meteorological Bureau reminds, the road is wet, coincides with the return peak, please pay attention to traffic safety.Wind direction: north;Wind force: level 2 ~ 3 in the province;The highest temperature today: 3 ~ 5℃ in northern Jiangxi, 6 ~ 8℃ in other parts of the province;The lowest temperature on the seventh day of the New Year: 1 ~ 2℃ in northern Jiangxi, 0℃ in mountainous areas;Southern Jiangxi, Central Jiangxi, Southern Jiangxi 3 ~ 5℃;The seventh day jiujiang city overcast with light snow;Light rain to sleet in the north of Yichun city;Other parts of northern Jiangxi cloudy with moderate rain, local heavy rain;Central Jiangxi, southern Jiangxi cloudy with moderate rain, some areas with heavy rain.In the evening of the seventh day, the rain stopped in the eastern part of northern Jiangxi, central eastern Jiangxi and southern Jiangxi, and it was cloudy in other parts of the province.During the Spring Festival, the weather forecast of jiangxi’s major cities and scenic spots said the weather, we will care about the road conditions of return: Today, Jiangxi highway ushered in the return peak traffic flow.G45大广高速, G6011南 shao 高速, G35济广高速 toward guangdong direction;G60 will be shanghai-kunming high-speed, G56 HangRui high-speed, high-speed long G6021 hangzhou zhejiang, Shanghai direction;G72 quannan expressway, G70 Fu-silver expressway, G76 xian-Rong expressway to Fujian direction, because of the large traffic along the line, rear-end and other small accidents, many sections of the road driving slowly.It is reported that as of 11 o ‘clock on The 6th, the main road congestion in the province are: 1.G45 expressway: Wuji section of he City service area section, gorge stone tunnel, Ji ‘an Hub; 2.Tai-kiangsi section, Sui-Chuan interchange, Yanggong Mountain tunnel, K3031 (near Nankang North Service area);Ganding section from Sanyi Junction to Ganzhou Junction, Xinfeng service section and Dongkeng tunnel section, the traffic flow towards Guangdong is large and the traffic is slow.Bukit north he City, xiushui toll station, Thai gan section tang village toll station, ganzhou direction entrance closed.S69 zhangji expressway, Jian ‘an South, Jian ‘an north to Guangdong direction entrance closed;2.G6011 south Shao high-speed: Changning section loan north toll station, Changning south section K164 (yongfeng south toll station nearby);Ganzhou east section around the city nankang South hub, Ningding section Xiaolongshan tunnel, K213 Huangpi tunnel, to Guangdong direction, heavy traffic, slow traffic.Wing Fung South Tollbooth entrance at Changning South section closed.3.G60 Shanghai-Kunming expressway: Changjin Section pingxiang Service district, Yichun service District;Liwen section K546 (near Shangrao service area), S42 Dongchang expressway K1 (near Dongxiang west), the direction of Shanghai traffic flow is large, driving slowly.Changjin section pingxiang toll station entrance closed, vehicles to Shanghai direction please from pingxiang toll station, Yuan Zhou toll station under the high-speed detour;S81 000 yi expressway, Yuanzhou, Yicchun north, Wanzai South, S89 shanglian expressway, Shangli, Changping, Fukuda toll station entrance closed.Yiyang, Yangmeiling, Dongxiang, Yujiang, Yingtan east, Guixi toll Station in Yiyang section, entrance to Shanghai closed;S33 thousands highway Hengfeng, Yiyang north toll station, to shangrao direction entrance closed.4.G72 quannan expressway: Jilian segment K547 (near the West service area), K621 (near the Yonglian tunnel) to ji ‘an direction, Shiji segment Taihe hub, K488 (near the Zhonglong tunnel) to Shicheng direction, large traffic flow, traffic is slow.The entrance to The Kilian Wing Yang Toll Booth is closed.5.G56 hangrui expressway: Jiujiang direction, jiurui section nanyang a tunnel, Chaishan district hub;Jiujing section poyang Lake Bridge, K412 in the vicinity of the interchange, toward Jingdezhen direction, heavy traffic, slow traffic.Entrance to Nam Yang Toll Booth at Kau Shui Section closed.6.G6021 hangzhou-Changchang expressway: changcopper section K467, near the Anyi toll station, to nanchang direction, occurred a two car rear-end accident, single lane slow passage.Dechang section wannian North Toll Station to Wannian hub section, Dexing Tunnel section, Zhongtang Tunnel to Dexing Mutual access section, the direction of Zhejiang traffic flow, slow traffic.7.G70 fu-Yin expressway: K659 dE ‘an near the service area, K599 Nanchang North hub, to nanchang direction of large traffic, driving slowly.8.G76 xia-Rong expressway: rui-gan section 370 highway pile to Yudu east tunnel section, to Xiamen direction, car more slowly.9.G35济广高速 : long hu shan interchange to yingtan junction section, near nancheng parking area, the direction of guangdong traffic flow, traffic is slow.Service area: G56 Hangrui High-speed Yongquan service area;G70 fuzhou-Silver Expressway Lushan Service area, Yongxiu Service area to Nanchang direction;G60 Shanghai expressway Pingxiang service district, Yichun service district, Shangrao service district, Jinxian service district to Shanghai direction;G6011南 shao High-Speed ning Dingend panggu Mountain service area to Guangdong direction, traffic flow is large, short-term will appear saturated phenomenon.The above road conditions are provided by Jiangxi Traffic Monitoring command Center. For other highway conditions or ETC business consultation, please dial 12328.Source: Integrated Jiangxi traffic broadcast, Jiangxi Weather, China weather network

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