How to achieve “Seven have” and “Two Guarantee” in public service?

“Sichuan Province” 14th Five-year Public Service Planning “has been issued recently, it from the improvement of the public service system, promote the balanced development of public service quality, strengthen the innovation of public service supply, improve the implementation of the four aspects of specific deployment.What public services will we enjoy in the future?What new level will people’s wellbeing reach?On March 14th, The online interview column of the website of sichuan Provincial People’s Government invited Yu Hua, the second-level inspector of Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, to give a detailed interpretation and communicate with netizens online.”By 2025, we will achieve significantly more equal access to basic public services, put in place a public service system with basic and inclusive non-basic public services as the main body and high-quality and diversified life services as beneficial supplements, and significantly improve the convenience and sharing of public services.”Yu Hua first introduced the background and objectives of the plan.”Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in” period, the province’s public service system of continuous improvement, constantly enhancing the basic livelihood of the people bottom line take real — education, employment and basic endowment insurance and medical insurance in key areas such as service support capability significantly enhanced, improving continuously the equalization of urban and rural area, a comprehensive enhance its capability of public service supply, life service industry develops rapidly.During the “14th Five-year Plan” period, Sichuan’s economic and social development faced new situations and changes, which put forward higher requirements for the construction of public service system. For example, with the gradual deepening of the aging of the population, the trend of family miniaturization became more obvious, and the contradiction between supply and demand of public services such as old-age care became more prominent. At the same time,Problems such as unbalanced and inadequate development, inadequate infrastructure and underutilization still exist.To this end, the Plan defines the overall requirements, key tasks and implementation of safeguard measures in six chapters and 26 sections.In terms of improving the public service system, the Plan puts forward five key tasks: improving the public service system, promoting the equalization of basic public services, expanding the supply of inclusive non-basic public services, developing high-quality and diversified life services, and promoting the coordinated development of public services between urban and rural areas and between regions.At the same time, the content, objectives and items of 83 basic public services have been defined.In promoting the quality and balanced development of public services,”Plan” put forward ascension pratt &whitney nursery service level, development of fair quality education, jobs and more fully a higher quality of health service ability, promoting a comprehensive whole cycle to satisfy diversified pension service demand, improve the multi-level housing security system, woven tightly out of the people’s livelihood security network, increase the intensity of solving optimal military service, tourism services nine key to provide rich and colorful styleTask.At the same time put forward 9 key project column.In terms of strengthening the innovation of public service supply, the Plan puts forward four key tasks: building a diversified supply pattern of public service, strengthening the support of public service elements, promoting the digitalized and intelligent development of public service, and strengthening the credit construction in the field of public service.”The ‘Planning’ focuses on the ‘seven have’ and ‘two guarantee’ and puts forward 24 specific indicators from 9 aspects. On the one hand, it insists on doing our best to better meet the growing public service needs of the masses. On the other hand, it also fully combines the reality of our province and insists on doing what one can.”Yu Hua emphasized on the “14th Five-year plan” period will focus on the major project construction content — one is the young have good education project.We will strive to build at least one public welfare model childcare service center in every county (city or district) in 90% of the province, build pratt & Whitney childcare service center in more than 50% of the streets, and build 100 provincial quality service bases for early childhood development.Second, learn to have eugenic education project.Build 1000 public kindergarten, increase public kindergarten degree of around 300000, building area of 10 million square meters, the construction and reconstruction of compulsory education school high school buildings of 1 million square meters, building 100 secondary vocational schools (including vocational school), has 200 members, 100 training base, cultivate to build 15 demonstration vocational education group,We supported the development of four provincial-level national first-class colleges and universities.Third, work deserves its due.Construction of national and provincial high-skilled talent training base and skills to master studio 15, 100, public practice base, provincial human resources service industrial park 10, two national human resources market, cultivating standard human resources service demonstration enterprises (institutions) 30, build 20, 50 provincial job attachment base at the national level.Fourth, there are good medical treatment projects.Construction of provincial public health clinical center, the province major outbreaks of traditional Chinese medicine treatment base and chengdu, luzhou, nanchong, dazhou, ya, liangshan six regional major epidemic prevention and control treatment such as base, the construction of biosafety level 3 laboratory, regional center laboratory, the construction of 400 to achieve the secondary general hospital standard county medical center,Each of the organizational system of villages and towns set 1 standard institutes, each set 1 standard clinic administrative villages, every 3-100000 residents and plan to install 1 each street agency within the scope of community health service centers, high-quality medical institutions such as support for west China hospital of sichuan university to create national medical center and related national regional medical center,A number of provincial medical centers, regional medical centers and key TCM hospitals will be built.Fifth, there are elderly care projects.Strive for all the streets and conditional township (town) have at least one community endowment service combination, each county (city, area) with at least a nursing home or wisdom endowment community, each city (state) open at least a elderly supplies market (experience), a pension practice base construction, building or rebuilding 30 and 50 nursing home rehabilitation hospital,We will support 300 community-level medical and health institutions in building demonstration centers that combine medical care with elderly care, renovate old housing and public places for the elderly, and strive to build at least one demonstration urban and rural age-friendly community in each city (prefecture).Sixth, there are livable projects.A total of 2.5 million old residential housing units in urban areas will be renovated, and efforts will be made to renovate 200,000 dilapidated houses in rural areas.Seventh, the weak have all support project.In cities and counties with dense populations, convenient transportation, borderlines between provinces and cities, and large numbers of homeless and beggars, we will establish a number of regional children’s welfare facilities, mental health and welfare facilities, rehabilitation and nursing facilities for the disabled, minors assistance and protection centers at the city and county levels, and children’s homes in urban and rural communities.Eighth, the outstanding military and special care project.We supported the construction of 15 honor centers, promoted the construction of the general hospital for ex-servicemen and three regional medical and health service facilities for special care for servicemen, and promoted the construction of facilities for honoring martyrs with the theme of the Long March Monument, sichuan-Shaanxi Soviet Areas, the hometown of generals, the third-line project, the Two bombs, one Satellite project, and the Sichuan-Tibet Highway. We made up for the lack of facilities for commemorating martyrs at the municipal and county-level levels.Ninth, cultural and sports projects.Promote the province’s 206 public libraries, 206 cultural center all meet the national standards, the construction of 50 intangible heritage protection base, create a batch of national public cultural service system demonstration area and the provincial demonstration county, the construction of villages and towns (street) and community national fitness center, multi-functional sports grounds, sports park, fitness trails and other facilities in 2200,We will open about 200 stadiums, small, medium and large, free of charge to the public.”Compared with the 13th Five-Year Plan, which mainly emphasizes basic public services and promotes equal access to basic public services, the 14th Five-year Plan for the first time includes inclusive non-basic public services and high-quality and diversified life services in order to better respond to the higher expectations of the people,” he said.In terms of non-basic public services, the government will provide a package of policies to support public welfare social institutions or market entities to provide such services, making them affordable and accessible to most people, Yu said.For example, in the special campaign to provide universal access to old-age care and universal access to childcare, we have provided land supply, reduced taxes and fees, and reduced prices for water and electricity.On the other hand, the government is mainly responsible for creating a market environment of fair competition and guiding the standardized and sustainable development of the industry in domestic services, health management, cultural tourism, sports and fitness.In the interactive exchange session, Yu hua also answered netizens’ concerns about infant care services and the improvement of rural public services.

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