The Glory Magic4 series will be released at the end of the month, and now the news is that the processor should be a dual-chip version

Honor suddenly announced the release of magic4, this is a little unexpected, after all, magic3 should not have been released more than half a year, this phone was released on February 28th, of course, this phone has no news before, a little surprising, let’s take a look.This phone should use snapdragon 8 processor this time. As for the appearance design, the previous design idea is somewhat similar to Mate40, so I guess it should be similar this time.But the screen is slightly curved surface screen, it should be homebred boe panel, as if the middle holes cameras, double digging hole design among them, the processor should be phegda 9000 and eight processors are some Xiao dragon, is also a design idea of double flagship, the highest with quick charge is 100 watts, also calculate the glory for the first time to use the speed of fast charge,The highest Pro+ should also have a potential lens, so it seems that this time is really upgraded a lot of things, the rear camera arrangement is not sure, may be the previous design ideas, so the release time of this phone is really interesting, Phec9000 processor phone basically focused on the release time.

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