A man in Henan sold tiger meat as high as 1000 yuan per catty, but did not expect it to be venison?The police are involved

“The first case in the New Year, the year of the Tiger tiger trafficking case!”On February 1, a netizen reported on Weibo that a person named duan Pingfan was peddling tiger meat on wechat in Jiaozuo city, Henan Province. A screenshot on wechat showed that a buyer had ordered 40 kilograms of tiger meat for 40,000 yuan, which was as high as 1,000 yuan per kilogram.Informant said, “Duan Pingfan” real name Duan Guoyang, activities in Jiaozuo Qinyuan and other places, hope the police intervene.Reporters contacted Duan, who said he was from Qinyang, Henan province, did not sell tiger meat, just because he wanted to make money to buy venison online, fake tiger meat for sale.He has now been contacted by police and is co-operating with their investigation.Screenshots on wechat, reported by Weibo, show Duan using the wechat name duan Pingan, talking and trading with a person named Yun Lin Miao Mu on wechat. According to the transaction amount, the buyer paid 40,000 yuan for 40 kilograms of tiger meat.Duan guoyang told reporters: “THAT was my mobile phone software virtual people and transactions.”As for the picture of a baby tiger weighing itself out posted by Guoyang on wechat, he said he had downloaded it from the Internet. “The scene where the baby tiger was was a zoo, so I went to watermark these scenes.””These are all fake,” Duan said.How can it be real?”Some of the pictures of real tigers are also forwarded by Duan Guoyang, because “I want others to think I have the real thing.”Reporter at this point and jiaozuo forest public Security Bureau contact, staff said, already know this matter, the investigation and processing results have been reflected to the superior, the specific situation temporarily inconvenient to disclose.When many netizens saw this scene, many netizens said: is really selling rare wild animals, fake is fraud!More many netizens said: the audacity to sell tiger meat, not tiger meat that is fraud around the law should be punished.I wonder what you think of this matter?Thank you for your reading, if there is something wrong, please leave valuable suggestions!(Original title: Jiao Zuo farmers “sell tiger meat” up to 1000 yuan per catty?The police already intervene party: be venison) information source: red star news, if have infringement contact delete thank!Hereby declare: this article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If there is a wrong source or accidentally violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof, we will make corrections in time, thank you.Email: lunanzixun@163.com Editor: XJ

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