Application of light carving projection in advertising and art

Projection Mapping, also known as stereoscopic Projection, is a Projection technology that transforms objects (mostly irregularly shaped objects) into display surfaces for image Projection.Using special software, programs can be used to project two-dimensional or three-dimensional images, and with the object to adjust its image, so that the image conforms to the object and its environment.The software can interact with the projector to project it onto the surface of an object at a specific Angle.The technique has been used by artists and advertising designers to add extra dimensions to previously static objects, creating visual illusions and concepts of movement.Light projection is often combined with sound, or triggered by sound, to create the impression of audio and video.Light carving projection was first used in advertising and other applications.Big companies like Nokia, Samsung and BMW have used light projection to advertise their products in big cities.This kind of advertisement usually uses the mapping technology to project the image on the edge of the building.Light projection can also be interactive. Nokia Ovi Maps, for example, creates a light projection that mimics human movements.The Lyon Festival of Lights in Lyon, a festival dedicated to the Virgin Mary, has also started incorporating sculpted light projections into their displays, such as creating the illusion of pinball tables on the sides of large buildings.Common techniques for such displays include 3D mapping and 3D projection to create the illusion of depth, as well as the sense of motion like a building crumbling.In the edM community, more and more DJS are pairing their music with synchronized graphics.Although general projections are still the most common, some visual artists have begun to create custom light sculpted projections for playback.Many electronic dance music creators incorporate light projection techniques into their performances.Even artists who are purely visual are using light sculpting projection as a way of creating presentation, believing that it can enhance the effects of existing creative media such as painting.Artists can use it as an avant-garde form of expression, and this new technology can transform their creative concepts into light-sculpted projections that interact with the audience in a new way.Light projection is often seen in big cities such as New York and London, where artists can display their work publicly without additional application.So artists can display their work on any object, everywhere is a canvas.Activists often use it as a tool, such as the Occupy Wall Street movement, which projected its work on the Verizon Wireless building in New York in 2011 to show that occupy Wall Street was still going on.Recently, light projection has also been frequently used in Walt Disney Fantasy Projects and Walt Disney Creative entertainment in Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, such as Cinderella Castle and Disneyland Forever

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