Ganzhou district three zha town persistent fight to protect the blue sky

In order to strengthen the comprehensive control of air pollution, improve the environmental air quality, to protect the health of the people, since the beginning of winter, Ganzhou Sanzha Town adhere to the air pollution prevention and control work in an important position, in accordance with the principle of “overall consideration, focus on key points, coordination, both symptoms and root causes, pay attention to actual results”,With the launch of the rural revitalization campaign, we will take multiple measures to deepen and take concrete action to prevent and control air pollution and resolutely win the battle to protect our blue skies.Strengthen organizational leadership, rely on solid work responsibility.Sanzha town has set up a leading group of air pollution prevention and control work in Sanzha Town, which is composed of the main leaders of the town as the leader, the leader in charge of the deputy leader, other members of the leading group, the person in charge of the organs of each station and the secretary of the party branch of each village and the director of the village committee, to make comprehensive arrangements for the air pollution prevention and control work.The town have held this winter spring air pollution prevention and control work conference, to carry out the leadership bag piece, Bao Village township cadres, village cadres’ club, President BaoHu work mechanism, form the primary level and good working situation, grasp the implementation of the layers of concrete, scratching, atmospheric pollution prevention and control work fine, grabbing the effect, promoting the further development of atmospheric pollution prevention and control work.Increase propaganda efforts to create an atmosphere of public opinion.The town make full use of the loudspeakers, WeChat service group, their circle of friends online mode and response vehicle, posters, such as issuing notice offline mode, the combination of multiple measures simultaneously, multi-channel propaganda and popularize the zhangye atmospheric pollution prevention regulations, to let the people know the importance of air pollution prevention and control work, change the old concept of the peasants,Strengthen the awareness of environmental protection.In order to do a good job in prevention and control of atmospheric pollution work norm, long-term, the town will be “on every four” market day and “fixed DangRi 8” identified as the zhangye atmospheric pollution prevention regulations focus awareness day, with various forms of publicity, the co-construction and sharing of the formation of party members to take the lead, universal participation, prevention and control of atmospheric pollution pattern, greater public awareness and satisfaction,So that the broad masses of farmers become the first line of defense against air pollution.Strengthen source control, control arbitrary burning.From years of experience, straw burning in autumn and winter will be the focus and difficulty of air pollution prevention and control, to control the burning behavior from the source, the town detailed tasks, responsibility to people, to the plot, pay close attention to straw cleaning.In particular, the straw is scattered on both sides of roads, fields, ditches and barren slopes. The town carries out dragnet self-inspection and self-inspection to ensure that the straw cleaning work is “fully covered, without leaving dead spots”, and truly solve the problem of straw burning from the source, without leaving hidden dangers.Funding guarantee in place, the intensity of inspection is not reduced.In order to ensure the air pollution prevention and control work to carry out strong and effective, the town finance allocation of special work funds, dispatched 2 patrol cars, hire 12 air pollution prevention and control full-time inspector, equipped with 14 loudspeakers, all-round, full time, high frequency inspection.At the same time, we will strictly implement the four-level grid supervision responsibility, strengthen the control and inspection of key periods, key areas and key positions, and form a supervision responsibility system from horizontal to vertical to the end, leaving no gaps or blind spots, and resolutely prohibiting burning in any form.Strengthen law enforcement and accountability.The discipline inspection commission of the town further strengthened the supervision and inspection efforts, continuous supervision and inspection of the air pollution work within the town, and the implementation of the village work and annual assessment linked;Those who do not pay enough attention, do not work actively, do not implement measures, and even shirk responsibilities, act slowly, and muddle along will be publicly exposed in the “red and black list” of air pollution in the whole town and interviewed for work.Had, at the same time, the town police station and three gate town like form the joint effort, the prohibition on, to change the burning of the parties to severe criticism education and economic punishment, punishment and deterrence, formed in the mind “can’t”, did not dare to point, don’t want to order the prohibition of thought, achieve the goal of “zero” point.Up to now, the town has interviewed village officials 3 times, warned more than 50 people of burning behavior, 19 people of economic punishment.Next, the town will continue to make efforts, grasp unremitting, strengthen patrol supervision, strict accountability rewards and punishments, grasp straw burning work does not relax, with the spirit of “nail”, go all out, vigorously grasp implementation, and strive to build ecological livable, harmonious and beautiful happy new three gates.(jay)

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