Leiyang CPPCC Chairman Li Yun to zhe bridge town research grassroots CPPCC work

February 16, Leiyang CPPCC chairman Li Yun a party to zhe bridge town research guidance grassroots CPPCC, rural revitalization, industrial development and other work, liang Zhixiong, vice chairman of the municipal CPPCC participated in the research.Li Yun and his delegation inspected the construction of the Workshop for CPPCC members in Zheqiao and listened to the work report of Zheqiao Town.Li yun pointed out that Zheqiao Town fully supports the construction of the CPPCC members’ studio, and CPPCC members should take the initiative to take action based on the advantages of Zheqiao, firmly grasp the two themes of unity and democracy, and make every effort to promote the high-quality development of the CPPCC.Zhe bridge town is located in the suburbs, close distance from the city, has a unique traffic advantages and location advantages, is the city’s large agricultural town, industrial town, the town zhe bridge will continue to strengthen the political stance, increasing the sense of responsibility, sense of mission, closely around the construction of “five leiyang” development goals, pays special attention to the project construction, rural revitalization, the livelihood of the people indeed do work and so on.To fully implement hengyang city “poly centralization of the year” spirit of the conference, in accordance with the big industry, big industry, big project, big project requirements, describe a good project construction panorama.To carry out the spirit of the provincial and municipal economic work conference, adhere to the general tone of the work of seeking progress in stability, give full play to the advantages of Zheqiao resources, and actively explore a fast track to become rich in line with the development of Zheqiao.(Reporter Yuan Chenglong, correspondent Xia Qiujun) Source: Leiyang Rong Media Center

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