New Year new atmosphere, the teams actively strengthen, Zhejiang harvest strong foreign aid

On the first day of the Chinese New Year, according to Opel Sports, the Chinese men’s football team suffered a historic loss to Vietnam, which made us feel humiliated.In this environment, it is really unreasonable to rely on women’s football to support.There are a lot of people ask the Dissolution of Chinese football, take ten million annual salary not to work, is also hate iron can not become steel.I don’t have to say anything else. If you pay me a million dollars a year, I can do it even in Vietnam.Can want to recover, our league can have to go on, this is not taking advantage of the New Year period, the teams actively introduce strong aid, for the Super.Zhejiang team is famous for its money, but it always loses its chain at the last moment in the Chinese League, and the club has also made a big investment, reached a cooperation agreement with Shandong Taishan, and loaned many young talents, laying a foundation for returning to the top league.With the current set-up, it would be nice to avoid relegation and the club is keen to bring in new blood.Up front, they got Donovan Evolo.The Cameroonian is 26, 191CM tall and an excellent forward fulcrum, but he is also effective, scoring 14 goals and one assist last season.Evollo’s arrival, strengthened the short board, let zhejiang team like a tiger with wings added.And Beijing guoan also has new action, they welcomed back veteran Zhang Cheng Dong.After Jin Meizai left the team, Beijing Guoan’s native defense is weak, in the championship group as nothing, as the imperial capital of the division really can not be said.The club is also a little short of money, so they have to start with local players and zhang chengdong is a good choice.Zhang chengdong’s football resume is quite rich, he has played in Liaoning Hongyun, Portuguese mavra, Portuguese Super Leria, Portuguese Super Beramal, German Bundesliga Brunswick, Beijing Guoan, Spanish liga Vallecano and Hebei Club. This reunion with Guoan must be the best of both worlds.Although the Shenzhen team did not introduce the action, but in foreign aid also made a positive retention.Kardek is a powerful striker and his professional attitude and scoring efficiency are beyond praise.However, he wanted to leave the team due to unpaid wages, which is a blow to the national football team and Shenzhen, after all, he is about to complete the project.In the interview, Kardek said that he would stay with Shenzhen next season to help the team achieve better results.Leaving Kaldek is a blessing for Shenzhen.

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