Push 3 ancient novels: “the first lawsuit”, “No regrets”, “Evil spirits after spring”, stay up to chase

Hello, everyone. Welcome to Zhiyue School. Nice to meet you all.Xiaobian every day for everyone to collect a variety of wonderful novels, so that fans and friends read addiction, so that time is abundant, I hope we can like it.Push 3 ancient novels: “the first lawsuit” “Jiangshan not regret” “Spring evil spirit after the cruel”, stay up to catch the first: “the first lawsuit” author: 100 li ink dye excerpted highlights priority: Xiao Ying has the heart to pull him, can Yin Jioming’s ability, xiao Ying took it for granted to pull an empty.When she came back she had a long knife around her neck.And Yin Jiuming, actually with a hand to hijack the leader of the shape of the person.Behind him, a number of knives flashed as well.The scene was almost explosive.Xiao Ying could hardly breathe. She had never been in such a dangerous situation.”Let go of our leader, or I’ll kill the little girl.””Barked the man with the knife.Although this person’s voice is very arrogant, but Xiao Ying felt that the hand holding the knife some tremble, the blade of a shake, her neck at any time into a chopping block.Xiao Ying naturally understand, at this time the most avoid disorderly conduct, so although nervous breath are not evenly, Xiao Ying or cold a small face, pretend to frame in his neck is a prop knife.She could not see Yin jiuming’s expression, but she could see from the leader’s redder face that he seemed angry.Xiao Yingxin way this person even angry are silent.”Hold it steady. If you hurt her, I’ll bury your village with you.”This is the first time Xiao Ying heard Yin Jiuming speak in such a tone almost like ice slag.When he uttered what was clearly the same threat, there was an unwarranted awe.A kind of seems to be born with some of the threat, obviously they were surrounded, is a weak party, but from the tone of Yin Jiuming, Xiao Ying could not hear the slightest fall in the wind of worry, but feel that if they really dare to hurt a bit, Yin Jiuming did what he said, really will product this hidden in the forest village.”Put…Open it.Don’t hurt her.””Said the leader reluctantly.”There are only two of them, brother.”With a knife holding xiao Ying’s man shouted in a hurry, the implication is that they have only two people, but they have dozens of people.(click below free reading) the second: “evil spirit” author: a cut no wonderful excerpt priority: “Night four, you go to see the prince they have not ended the competition, I will not go.”Huai ink dye indifferent say.The night, expressionless, nodded silently and turned toward the school yard over there.Sitting alone in a rain pavilion beside the rockery, Huai Moren looked at a few begonias not far away, his hands folded under his chin.It was the first time in twenty-five years that she had enjoyed the flowers so quietly, but one thing she had to admit was that she felt sick all over without exercising every day.Just thinking, the night has come back.”It’s still going on.”Night four stood aside respectfully.Huai Moran moved her body to make herself more comfortable, but as soon as she moved, the jade pendant on her waist fell to the ground, breaking into numerous pieces.She stood up and squatted down to look at the broken pieces of good jade.The rockery opposite her happened to have a hole as big as copper coins. Remembering the feeling of the bow and arrow in hand, she picked up a piece of debris and threw it into the hole.Hit, hit, hit again…Night in the side watch carefully, she threw very accurate, had not been a long time to practice people absolutely can not.But he said nothing, just looked on.Huaimoran himself was having fun, but he didn’t notice that his every move was being monitored by Biliyheng.Looking at the sky, Huai Mo Ran looked back at Night and asked, “How long before I can go back?””If the crown princess is tired, she can escort the crown princess back home on Thursday.”Night four respectfully said.”Then you can tell the queen that I will visit her next time.”She say that finish, haven’t wait night four answer, shook his head to say: “still don’t need.”Since she had taken over someone else’s body, she had to do something for them. How did Huai Fanghua sell her original Huai Moren to that bully?She wanted to know exactly why She did what she did.Priority: after noon, the sun is shining.The soldiers on duty, with their spears in their arms, yawned lazily at the bright sun.Yan broken month carry a pot of tea and a plate of cakes, good walk thousand 洐 chancellorsville, see white gray in his tent, step thousand 洐 bowed their heads and sit down, looking at the hands of what.Yan Baoyue had been playing the part of the family for more than ten days, and it should be said that she and Buqian were very satisfied with each other.She was no longer in a dungeon, but in a cot in the corner of the T-T-T-t-t tent, safe and comfortable, under a curtain;To get rid of her was to get a small kitchen.Although she is not good at cooking, but the previous life is a foodie, every day to repair some food, in any case, much better than a large pot of rice.Today she brought cakes and tea from the barrack market town to Be tasted in Buchun.I thought he would open his eyes as usual, but he only looked at her faintly and then lowered his head again.The moon put down his tea and stood quietly by his side.Then he stood on tiptoe and craned his neck to see what was in his hands.He sensed what she was trying to do, and with a quick squeeze of his hand he held the mass in his palm.Then he looked up at her with a shock in his heart.There was no smile on his face, only a cold, dark murderousness.”What’s the matter?”Whispered the moon.”One day, the old turtle and I will die, either he or I.”His voice was slow and firm, his palms tightening.It was su Faint’s husband, his friend Lin Qingyuan sent a tip-off: “…And zhuo jing, twenty and one of them, laid to rest in the road.Shi for the death of the enemy, the enemy power is big, step brother do not for our revenge, spread this message, only to compromise brother careful enemy kill.Very much.”His palm suddenly spit, the paper ball into powder, long arms spread, such as snowflakes flying all over the sky.The broken moon looked at him for a long time, and finally said silently: “You die, he dies…It would be better if he were dead.”But here she realized that while she had been trying to escape From Him, she had not really wanted him dead.(Click below to read for free) Today’s book list is shared here, do you like the type?If so, please pay attention to xiaobian and collection yo ~ we will be there or square next time!

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