What is the design concept of Bing Dwen Dwen, the super cute mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympics?Why so cute?

As we all know, Beijing Winter Olympic Games will start on February 4, 2022.China has been hosting the winter games.Beijing became the first major city in China to successfully host both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.This is absolutely extraordinary.The event’s mascot, Bing Dwen Dwen, also successfully greeted everyone’s eyes.Because its lovely shape is more successful to attract a lot of fans, so that it is also a successful debut, by a lot of people like and welcome!So what is the design idea of Bing Dwen Dwen as the mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games?First of all, the design team of Bing Dwen Dwen is led by Cao Xue, a professor of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.Ice Dun Dun’s design idea is that ice and snow means pure, dun Dun means honest.In addition, the giant panda, China’s national treasure, is designed with the taste of ice and snow and Chinese characteristics.Bing Dwen dwen is also a very strong and determined fighter.This is a good expression of the Olympic spirit of sportsmanship.This silly cute cute mascot is really cute, really can be described by charmingly naive.After all, our country’s national treasure panda is really famous.Cute is a big deal.This is a lovely image, not to be underestimated.It can handle many kinds of skiing.He is also an absolute power skier.Therefore, it can not only represent the image of China but also express welcome to the outside world.It is a transmission of the Olympic Spirit!This kind of ice dwen dwen, does everybody like it?Friends who like Bing Dwen Dwen and support China’s Winter Olympics can give the author a point of concern to support it, thank you very much!Let’s pass on the spirit of sportsmanship and carry the East Olympic torch together!

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