A regulation on ecological and environmental protection in Fujian province will come into force on May 1

The Regulations on Ecological and Environmental Protection of Fujian Province were approved at the 32nd session of the Standing Committee of the 13th Fujian Provincial People’s Congress on March 30 and will come into force on May 1.As a local regulation supporting the Environmental Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Regulations are an important measure to fully implement Xi Jinping Thought on ecological civilization and the rule of law.We will faithfully follow the regulations to carry out the new development concept, adhere to the people as the center, the system reflects the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, ShanShuiLinTian HuCao sand is life community ecological environment governance, and fully absorb the achievements of construction of ecological civilization system in fujian province in recent years, build perfect the fujian province ecological environmental responsibility, regulation, rule system,We will promote the formation of green and low-carbon development paths and ways of production and life that give priority to ecology.The implementation of the Regulations will provide a solid legal guarantee for promoting the construction of ecological civilization pilot zone in Fujian Province and promoting sustainable economic and social development.The regulations are divided into seven chapters. Chapter one, “General Provisions”, embodies the purpose and principle of green, low-carbon and sustainable development, and makes provisions in terms of division of responsibilities, “three lines and one single order”, financial security, publicity and education, etc.The second chapter, “Supervision and management”, makes provisions from environmental protection planning and function zoning, assessment interview and environmental supervision, planning environmental assessment and project environmental assessment, environmental monitoring and online monitoring, grid and digital management, environmental credit evaluation and other aspects.The third chapter, “Protection and Improvement of ecological environment”, makes provisions from the aspects of promoting carbon peak and carbon neutralization, biodiversity protection, integrated protection of mountains, rivers, forests, farmland, lakes, grass and sand, and ecosystem restoration.Chapter IV, “Prevention and Control of Pollution and other public hazards”, stipulates total volume control, emission permits, emission rights trading, waste gas, waste water, waste residue, agricultural non-point sources, household garbage, noise and radiation pollution prevention, environmental emergency management, pollution liability insurance, third-party treatment, etc.The fifth chapter, “Information disclosure and public participation”, makes provisions from the aspects of government and enterprise environmental information disclosure, environmental monitoring agency responsibility, environmental public interest litigation, public reporting and supervision, etc.Chapter six “Legal liability”, combined with the law enforcement practice needs of Fujian Province, refined and improved the legal liability of environmental illegal acts;The seventh chapter “supplementary provisions”, carries on the legislative interpretation to the related terms.Source: Fujian Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment

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