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The breath of spring has passed the beginning of spring, break five has also passed, nature has given us the information of spring.In several places to see the tree “out” of the bone, just like a kind of looming meaning.The north wind blowing on my face, there is no knife cut face in the winter of the feeling, feel soft – perhaps this has psychological factors inside.Peaceful Spring Festival today is the fourth day of 69, ancient saying: 5969 river to see willow, 799 river open nine nine wild goose.Spring is the season of all things, bringing us infinite expectations and hopes.After the Spring Festival, there are no big festivals in the first half of the year, only hard work is an option.It is worth looking forward to winter Olympics are in full swing, BELIEVE Beijing Winter Olympics must be a winter Olympics history worth writing a book.Although I didn’t have the opportunity to go into the field to watch the games, I could still see the wonderful games and appreciate the ability, perseverance and resilience of the athletes.Watching the world’s top competitions and seeing the top individuals and groups can serve as a benchmark for reference, both in terms of ability and resilience.Red has always said, after the Winter Olympics, we will not have the original all kinds of constraints, we can shake off the arm, no longer have a lot of constraints.FLAG has been set, no matter what kind of challenges we will encounter, what kind of difficulties we will encounter, lying down is not an option, slack should not be our character.Expect the epidemic to recede quickly in the year of the Tiger, when the shackles will suddenly be lifted, just as vitality springs up when winter passes and spring comes.Chinese New Year is the biggest carnival, today is the first day of work after the festival.To start!

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