Peng Yunhua: I guarded the Olympics in Zhangjiakou on the first day of the New Year

Carry out quick water quality check, train for security, carry out quick air check, move iron horses, set up guard belts for epidemic prevention zones to guide disinfection personnel in personal protection and disinfection, nucleic acid sampling in the external environment to carry out terminal disinfection at 6:00 am on February 1 (the first day of the Chinese New Year), it was just dawn.Peng Yunhua, deputy section chief of school drinking water Department of The Comprehensive Supervision and Law Enforcement Bureau of the Health Commission of Zhangjiakou, who has been supporting the epidemic prevention and control work of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Zhangjiakou, got up and took the shuttle bus to the guyangshu Group National Biathlon Center competition venue in Zhangjiakou with her colleagues, and began her busy day of work.Daily sanitary supervision and rapid detection of air and drinking water in the museum, inspection of the establishment of epidemic prevention lines in the museum……Peng yunhua was so busy all morning that she didn’t even have time to say “Happy New Year” to her colleagues in the stadium.”These days, we often stay up late.”Peng yunhua said that she has been working in Zhangjiakou area of Beijing Winter Olympic Games for nearly three months, and what impressed her most about the work inside the venue is “busy”. “All our staff implement closed-loop management, but in fact, ‘closed-loop’ is not easy, there are a lot of invisible work behind.”Peng Yun flower, as a public health team (epidemic areas), a member of her daily work is very tedious, “including in various fields for the workers health monitoring, venues new vaccine, influenza vaccination personnel statistics, and epidemic prevention emergency plan formulation, scripting, desktop deduction, according to the games-time personnel planning venues and epidemic prevention materials demand and so on.Every day, our team is the first to arrive and the last to leave, spending well over 12 hours in the museum.”And this state of work, she will continue until the Winter Olympics successfully closed.After work, as a mother, Peng Yunhua is the most concerned about her two children, she always take lunch time and children video, this noon is no exception.”Mom, dad went to the hospital on duty. Grandma cooked prawns and stewed beef for us. Mom, did you eat it?Tired?””Mom, my brother and I both received lucky money.”…The other end of the phone, son, daughter tender voice a pass over, her heart is soft down, tired and then swept away, “mother also eat, mother gave you two packets of big red envelopes, and so on back to you.”Hanging up the phone, Peng Yunhua stared at the photos of her sons and daughters for a long time, whispering softly, “Little guys, happy year of the Tiger!In two more months, mom will go back to be with you.”Lunch is over, Peng Yunhua immediately into the tense work.”With the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics approaching, our work has become heavier and the burden on our shoulders has become heavier.”Peng says this makes her feel more pressure and inspires her to work harder to complete her tasks.”I actually want to tell my children that neither father nor mother can spend the Spring Festival with them. It’s not that we don’t love them, but that we all have our own mission to fulfill.”She wants to go home and tell her children about the spectacular Games she witnessed.”I will tell them that this Spring Festival, during which my mother worked for the Olympics, was busy but especially valuable.”Source: Hengshui News Network

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