Traffic congestion in Jiangnan area, Jiangbei district, Hanzhong City

According to dahe Kan area residents, most of the residents in hanzhong work, work.The vehicle population of the residents in the direction of Nanzheng on the opposite side of No.3 bridge and No.4 Bridge is relatively small, and the population on the side of No.2 Bridge is particularly concentrated, causing serious congestion on the commuter bridge surface. In order to reduce the pressure of No.2 Bridge, it is suggested to build Nantuanjie Bridge as soon as possible to reduce congestion and seamlessly connect Nanzheng bridge.Municipal Natural Resources Bureau replied: In order to improve the road traffic network system in central urban area and solve the cross-river traffic bottleneck in Jiangbei Jiangnan area, a cross-river bridge (Bridge No. 5) was planned between Longgang Bridge and Hanjiang Bridge gate in the comprehensive traffic planning for central urban area of the 2010 edition of the urban master Plan to connect Jiangbei South Solidarity Street and Jiangnan Shengshui Road.In 2017, according to the relevant deployment of the municipal government, the former Municipal Urban and Rural Construction Planning Bureau entrusted China Northwest Hydropower Survey and Design Institute and China Railway Bridge Courtyard Group Co., Ltd. to do the research, analysis and prediction of the traffic flow on both sides of the Han River, and entrusted domestic well-known related design units to carry out the conceptual design.After several rounds and schemes comparison, the bridge scheme designed by Northwest China Hydropower Survey and Design Institute is determined. The construction scale and main contents of the bridge are as follows: the bridge connects south Tuanjie Street in the north and Shengshui Road in the south, with a total length of about 2.5km. The total investment is estimated to be 40 million yuan, and the investment and construction period is expected to be 3-6 years.At present, the preparatory work of the project is under way.

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