Zhen Wan Hui | 254 square meters modern luxury villa design, life aesthetics and fireworks all accommodate the new home

Life aesthetic artistic style light – lets the home become a spiritual oasis – modern luxury | a machine | fireworks breath of life,Is not only a living more temperament and art will increase space art into life and through the display of fireworks gas doesn’t like art abstraction has increased a lot of surprises life “” sea bay 瑧 ∣ modern | | shenzhen bay remit 254 ㎡ | | Huang Xiaofei the main member of the family as husband and wife two people to the case, 7 year old son and 12-year-old daughter, mother and home nanny,The main design style is modern light luxury, but because the female owners have inexplicable love for new Chinese style, so in this case also mixed some new Chinese style elements.On the use of space also made a new planning, starting from the details, the public area and private space reasonable division, through the decoration of soft furnishings, the formation of a life aesthetics and fireworks are accommodated home space.As a public area, the space on the first floor is elegantly designed with low luxury.Porch serves as the transition space of guest dining-room, increased the ceremonial feeling that takes the door not only, also undertook connection to guest dining-room space, the harmony that promotes a space is unified.By changing the material of the background wall and the decoration of the art painting, the artistic atmosphere of the space is displayed.Of black and white tonal, and flower blend in, let host fondle admiringly, satisfy host to the requirement of quality.As the main reception space, the living room is divided into a relatively spacious area, with a semi-enclosed sofa layout.The designer transformed the original dark wood color TV background wall design into marble surface, and added the design of bookcase storage function, reflecting the concept of simple fashion.With a large number of blank background wall as a processing technique, with Chinese elements of the background board, increase the sense of spatial levels.The sofa of white, tie-in blue, gray and yellow, reflect fashionable temperament.The metal element tea table highlights the light luxury style of the space.The living room expresses a quiet, fashionable, quiet and pure aesthetics of life through warm color relations and the texture of material materials, seeking the balance between life and art.Every piece of furniture and furnishings has been carefully selected, with unique materials and craftsmanship. The artistic atmosphere and elegant taste of the family have been vividly rendered. Just as Oscar Wilde said, “The secret of life lies in art”.On tea table delicate place dish and flowers, it is stylist meticulously tie-in and choose, the home, want beautiful atmosphere not only, should have the trace of life and pyrotechnics gas more.The living room is connected with the dining room through a hallway. The two space areas can be relatively independent and separated, and the visual field can be penetrated and extended.Dining-room space continues the style of low-key wen wan, deliver pure natural life artistic conception.The design of the French Windows adds more sunlight to the space, creating comfort and temperature of life.Circular dining table and curvilinear seating make the space harmonious and unified.The pendant lamp of metal element and metal table form the layout relation of up and down echo.The ink on metope hangs a picture, brought more joy to the atmosphere of the space, also catered to goodwife at the same time be fond of to new Chinese style.The island is combined with the public area, and as an auxiliary function of the kitchen, forms a modern social kitchen space, and provides convenience and comfort for the host’s dining, which is more conducive to enhancing the sense of interaction and dining and cooking experience at home.The second floor is a private space for the owner to have a rest. The overall design is very simple and comfortable.Son room and daughter room are independent of each other, and the master bedroom space is coherent with each other, and do not disturb each other, forming an independent rest space between family members.Advocate lie the design is indifferent and simple but elegant, intend to build a kind of relaxed and pure style, the look goes everywhere, can be affected by its send out artistic quality and exalted feeling place.Invisible store the layout that content ark, symmetry designs, with the ornament of metallic element, the space appears fashionable and elegant more.Advocate lie chair of imperial concubine is the area that goodwife likes very much.The color of blue is elegant and noble, no matter it is sunny morning, or quiet dusk, a magazine, a cup of coffee, is the most peaceful alone time of the hostess.The boy room reflects the innocence and lively atmosphere of the space through wallpaper elements.Starry sky element and blue bed form echo, provided sufficient imagination for the growth of small host.Every corner of the house pays great attention to implant artistic emotion into the space, so as to nourish the nutrient of artistic cultivation for the space.Each sculpture and adorn article, let the artistic quality of the space become naturally.Pink element is the main color of daughter room to highlight the quiet and romantic space.The lace edge on cloth art element, offered the rest space like a princess for the daughter.Adornment also is very concise and comfortable, highlight the intelligence of space itself and along with sex, let the heart be attributed to halcyon.This case from the selection to the real scene, is not only the integration of style and color to join, but also the depth of the temperature, a temperature home, must not be the taste of the house and soft furnishings deck, a bowl of a dish in the home, flowers and plants are happy owners.

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