Can’t even drink soda when you have diabetes?

“Since got diabetes hind, I be touch a bit sweet beverage I all didn’t dare to drink, just your uncle tell me soda water also can’t drink, this disease of diet let me too afflictive!”My aunt, who lives in Xi ‘an, sent me such a message. Seeing this message, MY heart was sour. It was easy to say, but it really tested our self-control.So is it true that you can’t even drink soda when you have diabetes?Soda water, as a common drink in daily life, has a relatively alkaline pH value. It is partially beneficial to our body after drinking, but we should not drink too much soda because it is beneficial to our body. If soda intake is too much, it will also cause environmental disorder in the body and affect the body.Diabetes can be appropriately to drink soda, because some diabetics acidic environment, alkaline soda water, proper drink soda can help correct acid-base disorders in diabetes patients, with diabetes, the body health is very good, especially for diabetic patients with elevated blood uric acid levels, appropriate drinking soda can also help lower blood uric acid levels.When buying a soda, it’s important to check the nutritional facts on the bottle to make sure there’s no added sugar.Patients can drink soda as long as it doesn’t have added sugar, but it’s not recommended to make soda your primary source of daily water.Why can’t diabetics drink too much soda every day?People with diabetes can drink soda, but don’t drink too much every day.On the one hand, drinking too much is likely to cause alkalosis in the body, which is harmful to the body.On the other hand, because of the high content of sodium ion in soda water, drinking too much may cause the patient’s blood sodium level to rise, which will lead to hyperosmolar state in diabetes patients, which may endanger the patient’s life.

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